But you are not that fat

AngryI just hate it when someone tries to force me to eat something and I tell them that I am trying to cut back because I am trying to loose the baby weight and they say “But you are not that fat”.  That’s for me to decide not you so it’s an annoying phrase.  Like other totally annoying and useless phrases.

Why won’t your daughter eat this or that? Because she is a human being and might not be hungry and no matter how hard you are going to try she is only going to eat what she wants when she wants it.  Seriously, she’s still being breastfed so there is no reason I should force her to do anything and associate it with negative feelings.

Why won’t you eat spinach? For the same reasons above, I am a human being too entitled to my likes and dislikes.

I love your colors. I don’t get it, you like what I am wearing?  Just say so?  What colors?  It just doesn’t make sense.  It’s a lame suck up kind of phrase that people usually say in a generic sense when they don’t have anything interesting or smart to say.

Me too, Me too. If I wanted someone to say Me too whenever I said anything I would have bought a parrot.  It is only polite to listen to people and relate but if every sentence has to be answered with a “me too” then go get a life.

How much did you pay for that? Really?  Didn’t your mother teach you that asking questions like that is not polite?  Especially when you ask about how much I paid for the dishes, the sofa, the napkins, the chairs, my watch and for the tv.  If you really need to know you can ask where I got it from and go ask yourself.

You must go back to work. Yes I had a kick ass career, yes I miss it and yes I will eventually go back to work.  Especially when the person telling me this is not my mother, my husband or my sister.  Meddling in other people’s business is wrong.

Someone told me / I heard that the moon is made of cheese. Do you really expect me to believe things that have no scientific reference?

Why haven’t you called? Well I am calling right now, and if you really cared you would have called yourself earlier.

I couldn’t reach you. Really?  In this day and age?  You can email me, leave a message on facebook or call my cell phone.  Trust me if you try reaching me I will call.

Where you asleep? Yes, you idiot it is past 11pm, I have a baby girl and I was asleep and you woke me up are you happy now?

Are you awake? This is even more annoying.  I am now, because you woke me up.

No you have it all wrong. This is more of a context thing.  If I am stating my opinion then I don’t think I could have it all wrong because I am entitled to an opinion even if it is totally crazy.  If it is a factual thing then ok explain why I am wrong instead of just pretending to be a know it all.

I got an email that said if I talk on my cell phone more than 3 minutes my head will explode and my toes will fall off. Please, if you are going to repeat what you get from your lame email forwards check the facts first.  If you are going to forward lame emails check the facts.  Check the facts, OK?

Did I bother you? Well if you said something that is annoying, then most probably you did bother me.

Join us for lunch right now. We have plans you know, we have a life. If you want to invite someone for lunch then at least let them know earlier.

Drop what you are doing and come do this with me. No.

The world revolves around me (it’s not a phrase but an attitude). No it doesn’t.


  • At 2008.12.22 23:25, chika said:

    :$ you pissed off! Seebiki menhom, I get that shit ALOT and it really bothers me but wallahy it’s a waste of energy. People will never learn to be courteous and they will not stop butting in. I dont like humans.. not all I mean

    • At 2008.12.22 23:30, jessyz said:

      @chika heheheh not pissed off right now but I was thinking about it. But sometimes I really do want to hit someone with a sledge hammer, the upside is that it would probably burn lots of calories.

      • At 2008.12.23 11:32, Mo said:

        WOW not pissed of right now?!?! 1 has to make sure not to get on ur bad side. But i agree with everything u said specially the “are u awake” part, this really really bugs me. It’s like when some one asks after you arrive and r home infront of them “ento weselto?”.

        • At 2008.12.23 12:50, jessyz said:

          @Mo: sa7 “ento weselto” kaman mostafeza geddanla2 da 5ayali ele wesel.