Cheap Apartment in Cairo

You know those ads next to your gmail emails.  They sometimes come up with the funniest things.  So here you are folks 4 cheap apartments (I am not sure why anyone would go out and buy 4) in Cairo for less than 1 million.  Just in case you don’t have a million dirhams (around 1.5 million Egyptian Pounds) you can always buy cheap shoes and bags and call your friends cheap to brag about it.


  • At 2008.12.03 23:27, RJay said:

    That is actually pretty cheap an apartment for 300,000 EGP is actually quite good but i’m guessin it’s a small one

    • At 2008.12.05 12:23, jessyz said:

      @RJay: the wording was funny, it’s like buy two cans of tuna get one free. Who buys 4 apartments at once like that?