Go make your phone calls

It’s wa2fet 3arafa. Kol sana wento tayebeen.  Has anyone watched the TV broadcast of the day?  When I was younger I used to love watching them broadcast it.  Something magican about watching millions of people all dressed in white, comming from all over the world, with only one intention; to perform Hajj.  Anyways, I still love listening to all of the presenters talk about it, wish the Ummah a great Eid and hand over the mic to the next person.  My favorite line is “wa2fet 3arafa, a3adaho Allaho 3alaykom belyomn wal barakat wayantakel al2an el microphone ila el zameel folan el folany men el iza3a el folaneya”.

Weird right?  That is probably one of my strongest memories of Eid.  I had to go run some last minute pre-Eid errands so I didn’t get to watch.   I mainly wanted to watch this year to start my own family Eid tradition with my daughter.  I am big on family traditions, heirlooms and memories.  They create great stories for the younger generations and help them blend into the older members of the family and weave a colorful tapestry of family memories.

So, this Eid I am wishing you all Eid Mubarak! Pick up the phone call your grandparents, great aunts or uncles if they are still around.  Call the members of your extended family.  Yalla, what are you waiting for?

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