Hypothetical Question: If you could be someone else for a day who would you be?

If you could try out someone’s life for a day who’s life would be for you?  Imagine if you could be an international football star, a neurosurgeon or maybe even a tree hugger.   I want to be an astronaut.  Zero gravity and seeing the earth a blue dot from outer space sound like a good day’s work but I definitely wouldn’t want to do it all my life.  What would you want to do or who would you want to be?


  • At 2008.12.06 19:10, Lasto adri said:

    somebody who is homeless..

    • At 2008.12.06 21:07, jessyz said:

      @lasto:that’s strange, why?

      • At 2008.12.07 00:16, mona said:

        That’s a toughy…maybe be a man to see how what that’s like.

        • At 2008.12.07 21:52, gjoez said:

          I would love to be a pilot. There is one issue always concerning me in being an astronaut: Ha7’osh el 7ammam ezay?

          • At 2008.12.10 10:09, RJay said:

            An extreme sports athlete sky diver, rock climber , bunjee jumper you name it

            • At 2008.12.10 11:45, jessyz said:

              @mona: interesting idea
              @gjoez: I hadn’t thought of that.
              @RJay: hehehehe bunjeeeeeeee