Love your job without quitting

“If you have a job without aggravations, you don’t have a job.” – Forbes, Malcolm S.

Almost everyone I know right now is dissatisfied from their job.  Family, friends and even virtual buddies are all moaning and wishing they could find a better more satisfying  job.  I totally understand.  I came across an interesting article from Psychology Today on how to love your job.  Right now, quitting your job might not be an option with looming layoffs and a slow job market because of bad economies in most countries.  The next best thing is to learn to enjoy it.

To sum it up you should:

  • Review the sweet spots of your day
  • Cherish the social support
  • Appreciate positive parenting
  • Perks count, too
  • Finally, foremost, the money

Link to article


  • At 2008.12.18 13:50, solace said:

    I think in the current economic environment we should all be greatful that we have a job! So many people are being laid off that we should be happy with what we have even if it is not our dream job

    • At 2008.12.18 22:56, Juka said:

      I agree with solace ya Jessyz. Meanwhile to be fair I had to go through 5 jobs before I found one that was right for me.

      • At 2008.12.19 13:07, jessyz said:

        @Solace: My point exactly
        @Juka: I know what you mean, but right now most people don’t have that luxury, maybe when everything goes back to normal and there are actually opportunities available. Until then moaning about it just makes everyone feel bad and changes nothing.