The games we played

Growing up, my sister and I played lots of board games. I just saw an ad for the Guess Who game a couple of days ago and remembered all of the games we used to play together. Nostalgia big time.

  • Guess Who.  You had to guess the person the other person is by asking yes/no questions before they guess who you are.  It was a fun game, using logical elimination from the answers.  I guess the grown up version could be making your own personalized version.
  • Monopoly.  One of my all time favorites.  My parents got this when I had removed my tonsils, so I remember it and the ice cream I got to eat.  This one is more fun as u grow older because you understand the strategy aspect of it better.
  • Battleship. My sister and I would play this in the car on long trips.
  • Scrabble. I am a word lover so natural Scrabble is another favorite.  I even enjoy playing solitaire or online Scrabble.
  • Operation. My dad was an orthopedic surgeon and we would nag him to play with us.  My favorite on was the “funny bone”
  • Connect Four. We played this for hours.
  • Risk. I remember playing this one a whole summer before university, trying to conquer the world, thinking it really was our oyster.

What was your favorite game?  What did you play?


  • At 2008.12.24 22:38, mona said:

    Hey did you ever play “Sorry”? I just remember there was a bubble in the middle you pushed down on that made the dice roll without loosing it and the shape of the peices…no clue how it was played or the object of the game…just that you’d say “sorry” sometimes!

    • At 2008.12.24 22:53, jessyz said:

      @mona: never heard of it. I’ll check it out though because I am curious now.

      • At 2008.12.24 22:54, Solace said:

        We love trivial pursuit and scrabble.

        • At 2008.12.25 13:45, Swair said:


          • At 2008.12.25 19:49, jessyz said:

            @Solace: never had trivial pursuit but I think I plaid it once or twice with friends.
            @Swair: didn’t have UNO either but played it with cousins and friends a lot

            • At 2009.01.15 18:32, Deee said:

              My sister and I never played operation, however we did play “The Game of LIFE” and “Battleship”, and then there were endless games of Sega Genesis “Sonic The Hedgehog 2”!!