While the world sleeps

time stops.

I managed to put Little Miss I Can Stand but can’t Sit down to bed after a couple of hours of her fighting the yawnies and they eye rubbing.

My husband fell asleep before her.

It’s 12:45 am, the dishes still need to be done, laundry is piling and the whole house looks like the battle of toys took place and the dead soldiers need to be burried.

It’s a weeknight and all is quiet.  Even the crazy neigbors who usually stay up late seem to be asleep.

So many things that needed to be done were left undone.  Who cares it can wait till tomorrow or mañana.

It’s these moments that make long days like today worthwile.  Just me and the quietness of the night ready to go to be so tomorrow can be another day.  My books are begging to be read, but not today, they can wait.  I am going to go sit in the quiet and darkness and just do nothing for a few minutes.


  • At 2008.12.16 01:50, whisper said:

    Allah y3teke el3afyeh :)

    • At 2008.12.17 02:24, jessyz said:

      @whisper: Allah ye3afeeki