Feel Good (7 Alternative Methods)

Image by MetroGnome0

Image by MetroGnome0

In a crabby mood?  Feeling down?  Want some fun and excitement but can’t get it?  Borderline depressed?

If you answered yes to one or more, please go away your negative energy is choking me, no wait I am just kidding.

I was in a crabby mood but I found some alternative ways to the regular advice that doesn’t always work.

  1. Alternative to call a friend.  Maybe you don’t have any friends or maybe they’re all too busy to take your calls or maybe you are in a country far away that calling them is not good enough.  Call an enemy, seriously,  either prank call someone you hate, yell “you suck” and hang up.  You could of course do the good thing and try to make peace with them.  Just remember everyone has caller ID now so if you plan to scream profanity do it from someone else’s phone.  Alternatively you could make some new friends.
  2. Eat.  Before the crazy people who are trying to loose weight  and the self obsessed skinny people start to faint, hear me out.  Eat slowly, choose something totally new or something you absolutely love.  Enjoy the smell, taste, texture and color of your food.  Get lost in your head, bon apetit.
  3. Do something nice for someone else.  So you are feeling bad, making someone else feel good will either make you feel good or if you are totally hopeless will make someone feel better.  Even better do it anonymously.
  4. Get violent.  Hit someone, oh wait I don’t believe in violence.  Have a pillow fight instead, the physical activity will make you feel better.  I could have just said exercise but who are we kidding?
  5. Sniff something.  I didn’t have whiteboard markers or glue in mind but if you’re that kind of person you need help.  I meant light a scented candle, you know the ones you have been saving for a special occasion, well those special occasions are few and far between and you need to feel better now.  Spritz on some of your favorite perfume.
  6. Get made up.  Even if you are staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t look nice, go put some lip gloss on or eyeliner.  You could also go extreme and try the goth look for a laugh, remember to take some pictures, post them on facebook, make a fool of yourself and laugh about it with your friends.
  7. Do the hokey pokey.

Going Local

Juka has come up with a very promising initiative for buying local products instead of imported goods called Going Local.  There are so many reasons why you should be buying more domestic products and services than imported ones.

  • It is more environmentally friendly because less transportation of the goods are needed which creates a smaller carbon footprint.  You might not care about global warming today, but you will care when you can’t breath.
  • Local businesses produce more income, jobs, and tax money for our community.
  • In turn, the quality of living increases and societal vices like unemployment and crime decrease.
  • Creates a sense of patriotic pride.
  • Improves the quality of domestic products, because if more people were buying it, companies will  have more money to use in production.
  • Buying one product helps other supporting industries like packaging, banking, advertising and transportation.
  • It makes Egypt more self reliant.

If going completely domestic is scary for you, try it in smaller steps.

  • Try eating out in only Egyptian chains.  Why do you want to help the big franchises when we have really cool Egyptian food outlets?
  • Test products, you might be surprised that the quality is quite good.
  • If you see something you don’t like, call customer service.  If you insist and persist, the company might just change something, after all they really want loyal paying customers.
  • Get the word out.  You might not be able to switch to domestic only products but if enough people change to some domestically manufactured products, the factories will notice a difference.  There is strength in numbers.
  • Take pride in what you do for a living.  Whatever you do, it is a domestic product or service.
  • Understand and accept that change takes time.
  • Compromise a little bit in the quality of your life for the greater good of life.  Giving back to ourselves is the best gift ever.  Consider it a selfish selfless act.

Secrets of success in 8 words, 3 minutes

Does Happiness Have a Price Tag?

Benjamin Wallace, a journalist explores that question by trying out some really expensive, very sought after items and tells the story.

I agree with the conclusion that some of us perceive things that are more expensive to be better.  I try not to fall into that trap in the day to day items like Olive Oil for example but there are other items which you buy for the attached status symbol. I try to ask myself if I am one hundred percent sure I really need something and if there is an alternative which is just as good for less.  I am not cheap, I am just in charge of the household budget.  I did buy a pair of designer jeans though once right before I got married, managed to wear it for a few months, got  pregnant and still haven’t managed to get back to my skinny weight (which is not really so skinny) so that I can wear them.  Let’s just say I now own and love a regular non brand pair of jeans which look good and fit.

Attaching value to an item because of its price can be looked at in two ways, what you think of an item and what you think of people (including yourself) who own an item.  An item should be judged for its overall quality just like a person should be judged for their character not for the material items they posses and how much they cost.

We all like the finer things in life, as long as we can afford it then their is no problem.  When it comes to people though we should look at who they really are inside.

Craig Harper at Stepcase Lifehack also has an interesting summary of the talk and his own input.

Hypothetical Question: If you were a toy, what toy would you be?

180px-rubiks_cubesvgI am surrounded by toys all day long. My daughter loves to take them out of her bucket and drag each one to a different place during the day. Right before she goes to bed, I pick them all up and explain that they are all going to sleep in their bed (bucket). She thinks its a game and I am trying to instill some organization skills in her. She also has favorites, a piano that makes animal noises (I am praying that that the batteries run out soon because I can’t bare to take them out myself) and entertains us with barks and quacks all day long. Another favorite are puppets, she takes them out and gives them to my husband or I so we can tickle her with them. There are also non-toys which she likes playing with, like our set of wooden coasters because they make lots of noise when she bangs them on the table and the large water bottle because she claps on them and they make different sounds depending on if they are full or not and she uses them to lean on while cruising. Bubbles are another favorite too, so are balloons.
This brings me to my question of the day. If you were a toy, what would you be? I sometimes think I would like to be a Rubik’s cube, because it’s a puzzle and it takes skill and brains to figure it out. Other times I think I wouldn’t mind being a remote control helicopter so I could fly in the sky. An Etch-A-Sketch(the link takes you to a virtual Etch-A-Sketch) seems like an interesting choice too, I could make art and be as creative as I can be. Legos are a great choice too, the possibilities are just endless.
Amaze me people, tell me, what would you want to be?
Check out how a 3 year old little girl can solve the Rubik’s cube in 114 second, she’s so cute when she scratches her head to think.

Sick Baby, Sad Mother

No one told me when I signed on for  got tricked into this Momy thing that it was going to be this hard.  Yesterday instead of a happy cheerful baby Lulu, she was upset and distraught.  She usually greets me with a morning smile and we go about our morning rituals of momy dancing and singing and then diaper changing and feeding.  It’s probably the nicest time of the day because she’s fresh but not too energetic and we just start the day with a giggle.  She started crying uncontrollably for maybe 30 minutes and I tried everything to soothe her and then she threw up all over me, the bed and the bedroom floor.  After another 30 minutes she calmed down and fell asleep.  She woke up later and threw up again so we went to the doctor.  The doctor treated me like the next Crazy Moma and told me it was a stomach cold and sent us home with some paracetamol and stuff.  She took her meds and settled down a bit, but still spent the rest of the day looking tired, sleeping a lot and rarely smiling.  She woke up better today (al 7amdullah) but still not her usual cheery self.  She usually crawls around all day and follows me from room to room while I make the bed and straighten the place out.  She chews on the table, claps and mumbles some Japaneese language I am unaware of, so when she just sits and stares into space it breaks my heart in two.  She doesn’t even want to play in my handbag and spill the contents on the floor like everyday and doesn’t crawl into the bathroom to try and grab the toiletpaper.

I was thinking about my own mother, how I must have gotten sick hundreds of times when I was little and how she must have stayed up all night making sure I was alright.  I can’t remember any of those times and I can’t even recall what she did when we were sick, but now I am grateful for it.  You really can’t appreciate your parents fully until you have kids of your own.  I was sick last week and I am a country and a continent away but she still called me several times during the day to check on me, so I know the Momying never really stops.

A friend of mine sent me this video today and I thought it totally made a great ending for this post.

Arabic Proverb Wallpaper

I just installed Inkscape and was toying with it and decided on making new wallpaper.  Only this time the theme is Arabic sayings.


Click on the image for the full size version

Click on the image for the full size version


Thank you for all the comments. Thank you for making blogging a much pleasurable activity, without your comments it would have been just like talking to myself. Your comments add value to this blog as much as the posts themselves. I am hoping to see more of your comments.

Unleash Your Inner Child

“Genius is
more than
childhood recaptured at
will, childhood
equipped now with
man’s physical means to
express itself, and with the analytical mind that enables it to bring order into the sum of experience, involuntarily amassed.”
When was the last time you skipped or hopped?  When was the last time you giggled like a 2 year old?  Jumped up and down until you felt dizzy?

This site has lots of ways to unleash your inner child.  Here are some examples:

Waskilly Wabbit
Say “aah-eeee-ahh-eee” with a deep voice, but relax your face and shake your head back and forth hard and fast so that your cheeks flap. Sounds like Elmer Fudd when he’s trying to shake off the dizzyness that comes from being hit on the head. Try this next time you get flattened by a falling anvil, see if it helps.

Dry your tongue!
Get a clean cloth or paper towel. Stick out your tongue, then dry it thoroughly with the cloth. Keep sticking it out so it will air-dry a bit more. Now challenge your friends to feel your dry tongue surface. Weird and creepy. Grab the hands of an unsuspecting passersby, and force them up against your warm dry tongue.

Zen Fluid Dynamics
Sit in a sunbeam in a dimly-lit room. Light a stick of incense, hold it vertically, then move it upwards and stop suddenly, with a jerk. A perfect smoke-ring will be launched from the burning tip. Move the incense upwards, then suddenly jerk downwards, then repeat. You can launch fast smoke-rings through the center of slow ones, create side-by side rows, etc. In a draft-free room they persist for ages, and soon the air will be full of huge grey thin circles. Contemplate the silent Chaos.

The No TV Experiment

No TelevisionToday is Day 12 of the No TV Experiment in our home.  On Tuesday the 13th of January we turned the TV off in an attempt to keep it switched off forever.  We have managed to live without it for 12 days except for 10 minutes last Thursday, when my husband decided he really really wanted to watch the News and then I tricked him and turned it off again.  The decision was based on an article I read about how television affects the ability of children to communicate among other things.  It stated that children under two who watched more than two hours of television a day spoke less words than children who watched less than two hours a day.  The thing is, my daughter didn’t really watch television, but would be in the room while it was turned on.  I would let her watch some Baby Einstein so that I could take a shower or cook a meal.  She loved it, she would sit and concentrate and wave at the pretty pictures and dance to the slow music.  I thought it was a babysitter in the tube that I could rely on for 10 minutes of baby free time.  She would also watch Fatafeat with me for cooking inspiration but it didn’t seem to entertain her that much.  I would also sometimes let her watch Sesame Street because I thought she would catch on to the words and numbers.  Before I gave birth I had this crazy idea that I would not let her watch at all, but in desperation I ended up letting her watch.  The real problem is not the children friendly kind of programming but that she would be present when we watched the news and other blood pressure increasing shows.  I know she doesn’t understand but I am sure she could sense us tense up.  The other factor that made me take the decision was that she was having trouble sleeping and would be so excited and refuse to fall asleep even though her eyes would close on their own and she would rub them for hours before she would surrender to the bed.  My husband, would also sit in front of all of the depressing shows and channel surf for hours instead of doing anything useful and would end up getting agitated from all of the negativity.  Personally, I am not much of a TV person, I do enjoy the odd show or documentary here and there but I usually download what I want to see and just see that.

So, in light of everything, the decision to try TV free living was an easy one and was met by minimal oposition from all parties involved.  I think I am ready to make some conclusions regarding this experiment.

  • It really helped my daughter sleep better when we stopped watching TV.
  • My husband and I have more conversations which are deeper and more interesting.
  • We are all more relaxed at home.
  • My daughter is learning to entertain herself on her own for longer periods of time.
  • I enjoy more play time with my daughter.
  • My husband plays more with our daughter when he is at home and loves entertaining her with puppets and toys.
  • We are all more aware of each other’s feelings and needs.
  • We watch only what we want on the DVD player without the silly ads and are more selective in our viewing.
  • We are generally eating less and have less late night cravings.

I know that this is not for everyone and that eventually we will watch some television but the main idea is to minimize it as much as possible because life really is more interesting without TV.