Hypothetical Question: If you were a toy, what toy would you be?

180px-rubiks_cubesvgI am surrounded by toys all day long. My daughter loves to take them out of her bucket and drag each one to a different place during the day. Right before she goes to bed, I pick them all up and explain that they are all going to sleep in their bed (bucket). She thinks its a game and I am trying to instill some organization skills in her. She also has favorites, a piano that makes animal noises (I am praying that that the batteries run out soon because I can’t bare to take them out myself) and entertains us with barks and quacks all day long. Another favorite are puppets, she takes them out and gives them to my husband or I so we can tickle her with them. There are also non-toys which she likes playing with, like our set of wooden coasters because they make lots of noise when she bangs them on the table and the large water bottle because she claps on them and they make different sounds depending on if they are full or not and she uses them to lean on while cruising. Bubbles are another favorite too, so are balloons.
This brings me to my question of the day. If you were a toy, what would you be? I sometimes think I would like to be a Rubik’s cube, because it’s a puzzle and it takes skill and brains to figure it out. Other times I think I wouldn’t mind being a remote control helicopter so I could fly in the sky. An Etch-A-Sketch(the link takes you to a virtual Etch-A-Sketch) seems like an interesting choice too, I could make art and be as creative as I can be. Legos are a great choice too, the possibilities are just endless.
Amaze me people, tell me, what would you want to be?
Check out how a 3 year old little girl can solve the Rubik’s cube in 114 second, she’s so cute when she scratches her head to think.


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    • At 2009.01.27 19:55, marwa said:

      do u know whats my favorite toy which i will pick ? BUT DON’T LAUGH :) its the ” yellow bath duck” which we used to take with us whenever u had a shower :) its awesome , it makes sounds and its always clean since showering with us .. 3njad it maybe look ” weird ” but this toy made me happy more than any other “sure since i was a kid ” heheheheheh

      • At 2009.01.27 22:20, chumpman said:

        I would like to be Pictionary, cos it gets ppl to draw (no matter how bad it is) or i would like to be a sling shot, dunno why though, maybe cos i get to shoot at things LOL

        • At 2009.01.28 13:40, Juka said:

          Tough question, but I’ll tell you this much, growing up the toys that brought me the greatest enjoyment were lego, a deck of cards, scrabble, monopoly and some variation of trivial pursuit (cranium, cadooo, tell me quiz etc.)

          Yet I’m going to have to say the best toy is a kid’s imagination.

          • At 2009.01.28 15:11, jessyz said:

            @marwa: I love those yellow rubber duckies, I actually just bought one last week for bath playtime.
            @chumpman: I like the slingshot idea, even though it’s a bit mean.
            @juka: definitely a child’s imagination is always inspiring.

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