Hypothetical Question: Stranded on a Desert Island

islandIf you were stranded on a desert island and had internet access but could only log on to one website only, which site would you choose?

Would you go for FaceBook so that you could stay connected with the rest of the world?  Or maybe you would rather choose Twitter?  Would you rather have email so that you could email people you know even if they are not on FaceBook or Twitter?  You could also talk people into sending you web pages in zipped files so you could browse everything else.

Wikipedia strikes me as a smart choice too, you could use the time to read and learn so many new things and you could still reach out to people by creating your own wiki entry and updating it and letting your friends update it too.  Would you rather blog?

Maybe you would prefer access to a voice chatting service and do with the ability to talk to people and hear them talk?  An internet TV service or YouTube might be your choice.  It all depends on who you are and what you need?

What would be your choice of internet access? A laptop? A phone? An internet tablet?  Supposing you had a camera would you post a thousand pictures of yourself and island? Maybe hugging the palm trees? One with you in the sand, another one of you and the sea, the possibilities are endless.

Would you be so brave and choose not to be connected at all and take a book and some paper and a pen?  You could write that best selling novel you have always been dreaming to write.  Create a new philosophy and write it down.

What would you choose?

“No man
an island
entire of itself;
every man
is a piece
of the continent, a
part of the main.” John Donne


  • At 2009.01.21 17:01, wonders said:

    My first choice when i read the title was Youtube, for entertainment. But then as i was ready each of the other possibilities and ur argument i would go, yeah yeah this one.. then oh no defenitly this one… lool

    • At 2009.01.21 17:32, jessyz said:

      That would take us to the Paradox of Choice, yes when you have so many choices it becomes very difficult to make one.

      • At 2009.01.21 18:11, mona said:

        Wow, that’s a tough one, I think I’d get bored with Facebook pretty quick…no one would have all the time I did to interact with me. I guess I’d choose Youtube. Good question though.

        • At 2009.01.22 06:56, Hajar Alwi said:

          A website … I’ll choose email so I can get someone to get me out of the island. :)

          A choice of internet access … A phone. Same reasons. :)

          An item. Yes, I’ll have my book and pen please.

          Out of those three, I’ll go along with the pen and book. Technology has been in control on much of our lives.

          • At 2009.01.23 00:18, Shimaa Gamal said:

            After two full days of thinking, I decided that I will choose my mail.
            And I will choose to get connected through a laptop.
            A laptop because, it will probably be mine and it will have everything to keep my mind busy on the island.
            Having a laptop means that I won’t need a paper and a pen and still I will have the chance to write the novel I have always wanted to write.
            I will choose my mail because I can reach everyone and mostly everything even what’s on on facebook through email notifications :) I will just make sure that I have mail subscriptions to all the blogs I read :)

            • At 2009.01.24 17:22, jessyz said:

              @mona: YouTube would be fun but wouldn’t u get bored quickly?
              @Hajar Alwi: wouldn’t you want to browse something until they came to get you?
              @Shimaa Gamal: I agree with you, my sister and I chat all day using email and we send each other articles and posts because she can’t access lots of things from work so I guess email could work just fine.

              • At 2009.06.16 11:57, Hajar Alwi said:

                Not really. I guess the longer I’m stranded there, the worse I’ll feel if I have xs to any info about the outside world.

                • At 2009.06.21 16:22, jessyz said:

                  A very valid point, I had not considered.