The Arab Media Agenda

I have a very interesting question.  What do you think the Arabic Media should be doing in the current state of crisis in Ghazzeh?

Yesterday, I happened to catch part of a show called “Al I7’tirak”, the presenter was calling strategic analysts and asking them what they thought and managed to confirm that mos of the Arab heads of states knew that the IDF had plans to attack Ghazzeh.  Then they played on the viewers’ emotions by playing heartbreaking songs while showing pictures of the dead and slain.  While I believe that the goal of the media is to portray the truth, I don’t think it is in a position to be moving the emotions of the people knowing that they can do nothing.  The show was running on the state owned Egyptian Satellite Channel, so one must assume that this is state approved.  From a conspiracy theory point of view this might be part of a plan to keep the Egyptian people thinking of the trouble in Ghazzeh than our own home grown issues.  Musicians and singers are popping up with songs left and right about the attacks.  The video clips are being played over and over again.  Over at Tales of a Fattractive Egyptian woman there was a post about it.  Shows like El 3ashera Masa2an keep discussing whether or not we should open Rafah, 90 minutes had a heartbreaking report on the officer who was killed at the border and the news is all about the protests and rallies all over the world.

Should they be doing this?  Or, is there something better that could be done? I really don’t know what the right thing is.

Here is an interesting documentary on the Israel lobby in the United states. I must say that I don’t think the US should be solving our issues but that this just shows how smart and intertwined Israel is in world politics and we are just weak spectators in a very sophisticated game. The other question is, when will we learn the rules and start playing it correctly?

Recommended reading: Israel and America and the Forever War. I would also recommend that you read the comments too. Knowledge is power, we need a smarter, more knowledgeable generation so our countries can prosper.

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