Unleash Your Inner Child

“Genius is
more than
childhood recaptured at
will, childhood
equipped now with
man’s physical means to
express itself, and with the analytical mind that enables it to bring order into the sum of experience, involuntarily amassed.”
When was the last time you skipped or hopped?  When was the last time you giggled like a 2 year old?  Jumped up and down until you felt dizzy?

This site has lots of ways to unleash your inner child.  Here are some examples:

Waskilly Wabbit
Say “aah-eeee-ahh-eee” with a deep voice, but relax your face and shake your head back and forth hard and fast so that your cheeks flap. Sounds like Elmer Fudd when he’s trying to shake off the dizzyness that comes from being hit on the head. Try this next time you get flattened by a falling anvil, see if it helps.

Dry your tongue!
Get a clean cloth or paper towel. Stick out your tongue, then dry it thoroughly with the cloth. Keep sticking it out so it will air-dry a bit more. Now challenge your friends to feel your dry tongue surface. Weird and creepy. Grab the hands of an unsuspecting passersby, and force them up against your warm dry tongue.

Zen Fluid Dynamics
Sit in a sunbeam in a dimly-lit room. Light a stick of incense, hold it vertically, then move it upwards and stop suddenly, with a jerk. A perfect smoke-ring will be launched from the burning tip. Move the incense upwards, then suddenly jerk downwards, then repeat. You can launch fast smoke-rings through the center of slow ones, create side-by side rows, etc. In a draft-free room they persist for ages, and soon the air will be full of huge grey thin circles. Contemplate the silent Chaos.


  • At 2009.01.25 23:34, mona said:

    Ah, I love it…I’ve played with incense more than once.

    • At 2009.01.26 08:52, jessyz said:

      @mona: I love making swirlies and then tracing them with my fingers.