Word of the Day: Emancipate

emancipate (ih-MAN-si-pate), verb
To free or liberate from slavery, restraint, oppression, or bondage.
Many young people feel that an eighteenth birthday has the power to emancipate them from their parents’ rules.

I think you can guess what we need to be emancipated from.


  • At 2009.01.05 20:00, R. T said:

    Nice post Jessyz, and yes we need to be emancipated from many things 😉

    • At 2009.01.06 00:40, Juka said:

      :) I’m sorry, I can’t help the grinning, the word has a mental association with Mariah Carey and that horrendous album name.

      • At 2009.01.07 02:21, jessyz said:

        @R. T: yes we definitely do.
        @Juka: some associations are very strong.