Friday’s Five: Egypt

  1. You can double park, triple park and sometimes even quadruple park.
  2. There is always someone who knows someone who know someone who can solve your problem.
  3. Family really matters.
  4. Food really matters.
  5. Because Egypt is like no other country in the world.

The Egyptian Paradox

I am in Alexandria for a couple of weeks isa.  Just got here yesterdy after being away for 9 months.  I am really amazed how everything has changed, yet everything has stayed the same.  It really is good to be here.

Friday’s Five: A special day

Today Lulu turns one.

  1. It was scary at first that a human being would be completely dependent on me, it still is scary but now I know I can do it.
  2. She loves kittens and cats, they make her giggle.
  3. I thought I would hate changing diapers, I don’t mind.  They do smell worse as they grow, but I am used to it now I guess.
  4. She chirps “Papa” all day long even when he’s not at home,  she only says “Mama” when she wakes up at night.  I am not sure if this is a good thing or  a bad thing.
  5. I hope she grows up to be a very happy and a well rounded young woman.

Now excuse me while I go play with her and enjoy playing with her before she’s older and thinks I am so not cool.

Flexibility; the Secret of Happiness


Image by Bob.Fornal

Flexibility is underrated.  Often, people who are flexible are seen as pushovers or weaklings.   This is not always true.  Being flexible to deal with life is usually the best thing you can do for yourself.  Instead of getting angry or frustrated find a way to bend in a new direction to deal with the current situation.

Wordle and Art

Wordle is an interesting site that creates word tags for blog or just plain text.  Of course I had check out my blog’s wordle first, then I thought they looked kinda cool so I started playing around with it.  Then realized they would make awesome framed prints in the nursery if I used Mother Goose’s rhymes.  You really should play around with the fonts, colors and the word placement.rockabyebaby

Where is Waldo?

Here’s a total addictive time waster, find Waldo.

Where is Waldo?

Where is Waldo?

Questions to Ask Your Mother

Image by mahalie

Image by mahalie

My mother when asked some of these questions, she usually shrugs and says “I can’t remember”.

  • How did you feel when you first got married?
  • What was your first year of marriage like?
  • How did you feel when you first found out you were pregnant?
  • How did you feel when you held me for the first time?
  • What was I like as a baby?
  • What was I like growing up? Was I naughty? Quiet?
  • What was the first word I said?
  • What was my favorite book?
  • What was my favorite activity?
  • Did I grow up to be different than what you thought I’d be?

I think this would make a great family activity for a rainy day.  Throw in some popcorn, family albums and write every thing down in a notebook.  Think up your own questions and share them with us.

Would you rather be rich or lucky?

Personally, I’d rather be lucky.



On Commenting

I am really curious about why and how often people leave comments on blogs.  Personally, I usually leave a comment when something is really interesting and I have something to add.  Commenting sometimes is a great conversation starter and creates an opportunity for an even more interesting idea to evolve.  You can support ideas, argue logic and so many other things.

Please let me know by answering the poll and leaving a comment on what you really think about blog commenting.

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My Color is Pompeian Red

According to Colorstrology my color is Pompeian Red.  I don’t usually like reds but I do like this particular shade of red. I actually liked their description of my character, it is true most people can guess exactly what my opinion might be on most issues but almost no one knows how I really feel.