The Four Step Solution to Sexual Harassment

I think I found the perfect solution to sexual offenders (harrassers) in Egypt. This is a Four step solution to solve the problem. Instead of sending them to jail or making them pay a fine I think when someone is convicted they should:

  1. Be tattooed on their forehead with a temporary tattoo that stays for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year depending on their crime.  It should say “Sexual Offender” clearly, this should scare most people off.
  2. They should also serve community service time such as cleaning the streets, wearing a printed overall that says “Sexual Offender” all over it in very public areas.
  3. A second time offender’s ID should include that they are a sexual offender.
  4. If the sexual offender commits a third count, then they should be castrated.

Seriously too, I think the offender’s parents should also be convicted of the inability to raise a civilised child.  Fear of public humiliation might make offenders and possible offenders rethink their actions.


  • At 2009.02.13 19:00, loolt said:

    punishing the parents aside.. excellent points :)

    • At 2009.02.13 19:55, Shimaa Gamal said:

      You know, zaman kan fi punishment esmaha el gorsa
      lama kan 3ayel saye3 (le2n tab3an real men don’t do so) bey3akes wa7da kano bey7a2olo zalabata we yedeheno el 2ar3a 3asal we yelafefoh el balad rakeb 7omar bel ma2loob

      No wonder en sexual harassment is a new crime!

      Actually, it is a crime by law but it lost the status as a shameful act lel asaf ma7desh beytksef enoh bey3akes el banat
      some people think it is an act of manhood. Shame

      • At 2009.02.13 21:13, mona said:

        Yea it’s a problem here. In the US people started a site called holla back or something like that and people take pictures of the offenders and post them. Your solutions would be much more effective.

        • At 2009.02.13 22:12, FupDuckTV said:

          In Ohio, they actually considered issuing Pink License Plates to Sex Offenders. I think it got voted down or never made it into law for some reason.

          I dated a Parole Officer a while back and we discussed this topic. She said she was against the “public humiliation” route of repeat crime deterrent. She told me that studies show that a constant reminder of their sex-crimes actually increase the chance of repeat offenses. (I don’t know how true that statement is, but that is what she told me and she had a Masters Degree in Abnormal Psychology).

          • At 2009.02.14 00:44, Marwa Rakha said:
            • At 2009.02.14 08:49, jessyz said:

              @loolt: I don’t want to punish the parents like the actual offenders but they should pay a fine that would go towards a fund that would be used to educate people on healthy sexual values that would in turn help reduce the problem as a whole.
              @Shimaa: they should bring that punishment back. Sa7i7 ele e5tasho mato.
              @mona:heheheh you think? I would like to see parliament discuss it.
              @FupDuckTV: I am sure your ex has a valid point, but I think the social make up of the Egyptian/Arab community might be different, fear of shame is a great motivator.
              @Marwa Rakha: thanx for the mention in your article.

              • At 2009.02.14 12:52, marwa said:

                great points .. 3njad they must think of sth like this seriously :)

                • At 2009.02.14 14:52, jessyz said:

                  @marwa: thanx, is it as bad in Jordan as it is in Egypt? It used to be just catcalls and whistling but now women get to hear more dirty talk and men try to grab and rape is becoming a common crime. It used to be that young women dressed provocatively where targets, now it doesn’t really matter.

                  • At 2009.02.15 10:24, inas said:

                    i think they should be punished in public than they have to have behavioral therapy as for sure they are emotionaly disturbed

                    • At 2009.02.15 12:39, jessyz said:

                      @inas: interesting, maybe they should get behavioral therapy as step one.

                      • At 2009.02.22 12:39, Lasto adri said:

                        I love these points ya Jess..

                        Jail is not usually the solution these days..

                        • At 2009.03.27 13:20, Alcofribas said:

                          I agree that public humiliation can certainly deter many men who now think that they have the right to harass women sexually. This temporary tatoo thing is a good idea, like having to clean the streets, “wearing a printed overall that says “sexual offender” etc.
                          They could also be forced to apologize to all women on television.
                          Hard labor sentences are also an option, as with this Egyptian truck-driver who grabbed a woman’s breasts, but I think that the 3-year sentence is too long (for a first-time offender) although I am sure that it will scare off most men.
                          But 1) the parents should not be punished 2) “neutering” (=castrating) repeaters is a wildly excessive punishment.

                          • At 2009.10.26 18:16, Lucretius said:

                            France’s Justice Minister, Ms Alliot-Marie, has just stated that she plans to start a debate on surgical castration (“neutering”) of rapists.

                            • At 2010.04.07 21:41, trinity said:

                              can I ask you this, are you an advocate for not marketing so much sex to boys? Because until you do this boys will become men who will commit such behavior because it is what we learn as children. How can you blame a boy in this culture for becoming a man who disrespects woman, you think humiliating such men is the answer? The answer is to repair what has caused such male behavior to become so prevalent, but you lack the courage to be such an advocate, you would rather have revenge because it is the American way.

                              • At 2010.05.03 16:03, jessyz said:

                                I think I am. Actually I think sex should not be marketed to either of the sexes, period.
                                I don’t want to humiliate them per se. but I want the punishment to be more like the offense itself for them to stay away from it.

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                                      • At 2012.01.08 12:21, idayat said:

                                        those four step is the right thing to do to those that commit sexual harassed