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Calling Moms in Kuwait

If you are the mother of an infant or toddler and would like to join other moms for a weekly weekday morning coffee while the kids play together and you live in Kuwait, please send me an email : jessyz[at]

If you know someone who might be interested please let her know.

Having a small child is an exhausting thing and being part of a support group is a wonderful thing.  Being residents in Kuwait is harder than living in your own country surrounded by your family and friends and I understand that.  I just want a group of women who want to socialize, take the kids out for some sun and fun and at the same time enjoy some the company of other women.

Friday’s Five: Random Thoughts

Let me entertain with what sometimes goes on in my head.

  1. When people fight in their cars I wonder why they are really fighting?  I always resist the urge to roll down my window and ask them.  I wonder if other people feel the same as I do.
  2. How can some women wear really high stiletto heels?  Don’t they understand the concept of gravity?  If you “don’t get” gravity does that make it nonexistent for you?  Don’t they ever worry that they might puncture the tiles or at least scratch them?
  3. Who thought of bringing back skinny jeans?  How much do they weigh?  Has anyone ever died from wearing really right skinny jeans?
  4. When I look at people’s shoes I always think about their lives, where they have been, where they would like to go, where they are actually going, where they happy or sad.  I really am not nosy, just really curious.
  5. I love trying to imagine the colors in black and white movies.

People You Don’t Want to Meet: Two Faced Backstabbers

two facedWe go through life meeting lots of people.  Some make you happy, some make you smile, some can be counted and then there are some whom you would rather not have ever met.  There are lots of reasons that would make you want to avoid meeting certain people like they are mean or evil.  Mainly though I am talking about personality types which are difficult to deal with and just better to be avoided all together.  Sometimes it takes some time before we realize a person we know is on the bad list.  Some of us take longer than others to connect the dots.

Horrible Personality Number One : Two Faced Back Stabbers

Two faced back stabbers are public enemy number 1.  They are nice to you and then turn around and say the worse things ever about.   We all are polite to most people and might be inclined to say mean things when we are with people whom we trust but the TFBS personality usually does this all the time and have another agenda.

Catching One

Just by observing them you can find them, they say they hate someone and then they turn around and are super nice to them.  You think they are best friends with someone else and then they turn around and gossip about them.  Some two faced backstabbers are smart and do these things subtly but if you concentrate you can usually catch them red handed.

How to deal with backstabbers

First of all you have to understand that you are not immune to them, just because they act like they respect you and swear they would never gossip about you don’t beleive them.  The best way to deal with them is to stay away from them.  The problem is that sometimes you might not have that option.  Once you have been backstabbed you always have the option of confrontation, people who feel the need to act that way are usually cowards and can be scared off by just telling them that you know what they’re doing, of course they will deny but it will stop them for some time.  I find that the best way is to not tell them anything, not to get close and to keep all conversations to a minimum of small talk.  Never ever go down to their level and backstab back, that’s just petty not to mention makes you a TFBS.  Avoid private time with them if you can too, be cordial and polite but don’t get sucked into the little soap operas that seem to always unfold around them. Stay away from situations where that person gossips and make it clear that you don’t want to listen to them talking about someone else in a way that is not nice. If you can’t stay away ignore them and never agree with them or offer your opinion on someone else or they will turn around, twist your words and use them against you somehow, they are double crossers by definition.

How do you deal with the TFBS people in your life?

My Superpower

My Golden Torturers

My Golden Torturers

I have a super power.  I have decided to come out and tell the world that I can hear inanimate objects speak, well not any objects, but food.  Those pesky Ferrero Rocher balls have been calling me all morning.  My husband got me a box for Mother’s day and I hid it from myself so we could enjoy a couple every evening after dinner.  Normally I can eat them all, munch, munch in a matter of minutes.  They have been calling all morning and they know exactly how lonely I get in the mornings and they keep telling me how they will hug me (and sit on my hips forever) and be sweet to me.   They know how much I love their crunchy outside and their sweet creamy filling.  I’ve tried changing their hiding place and eating cheese instead and they just won’t be quiet.  I keep thinking if I eat one or two they will be quieter because there will be less of them talking but I don’t want to go there.  I was at the gym last night and the thin mommies just drove me crazy.  There was this lady who was probably in her late thirties and is thinner than my wrist so I am trying to control myself.  Eventually I threatened to nuke them in the microwave so now they are whimpering and crying, it makes me sad but I’d rather be mean than fat.

Does anyone know where I can find some loud carrots that will sing to me and entertain me in the morning?

Will It Still Matter?

fortune-cookie-it-doesnt-matterWhen something really annoys me, I try to ask myself  will it still matter later?  As human beings I beleive we are all slightly self-obssessed.  When someone has said or done something hurtful, or when you have said something that you shouldn’t have and you spend the night tossing and turning thinking things could be different, try it out.

Ask yourself, will it still matter in

  • an hour?
  • a day?
  • a week?
  • a month?
  • a year?
  • a lifetime?

If you can change things or can appologize then by all means do.  But if it is just one of those things that just bugs you let it go.  It usually won’t matter so much in the future.

I Wish I Had …

overstuffed_luggageSometimes I get lost in my head and dream of the things I could have.  You have to understand that I usually do this when I am very tired and my brain is in a state of pink cotton candy.

  • Magic Storage Space.  I dream of a magic walk in closet, where everything would be magically organized and it would just grow bigger when needed.  I would be able to store everything I want without it ever becoming cluttered or stuffed.  Since I am dreaming, can it also always smell of vanilla and never ever need cleaning.
  • Magic Luggage.  Magic luggage works the same way the closed does.  I would just throw in my stuff and it would all fit in perfectly and fold itself.  The most important thing would be that it would always be under the weight limit enforced by the mean airline companies so I would never have to pay for extra weight.
  • Magic Balcony. A magic balcony is the perfect place for breakfast or enjoying the sunset.  The weather is perfect, a cool breeze but never cold or hot and there is no pollution or dust.
  • Magic Hour.  The magic hour is as short or as long as you need it to be.  It’s short when you are waiting at the doctor’s or long when you are out with friends enjoying your time.
  • Magic Map. Just point at the map and *poof* you’re where you pointed.

Friday’s Five: Important Days in my Life

  1. The day I was born.
  2. The day I graduated from college.
  3. The day I joined the workforce
  4. The day I got married.
  5. The day my daughter was born.

These are all days which changed my life forever.  What are your 5 eventful days?

What is your personal motto?

Recently I decided my new personal motto will be “ele 7aydaye3ni 7afa2a3 3eneih besawabe3 regleih” (translation: if someone bothers me I will poke their eyes with their toes).  It started out as a joke and then I realized it makes sense.  What is your personal motto?

Arabic Proverb Wallpaper – عقاب الندل اجتنابه

Click on the image to download the full sized version

Click on the image to download the full sized version

The saying is one of my favorites.

عقاب الندل اجتنابه