The real story behind the brownies

brownies1A couple of days ago I wrote a post titled “Farewell and thank you for the brownies“.  There is a story behind it.  I have no idea why I am sharing, because I am in a very private mood.  The day I was traveling, I met my two best friends at the Cilantro next to our house.  I ordered a cappuccino which comes with a complimentary mini brownie on the side.  I looked at the waiter and told him I was feeling really bad and brownies would cheer me up.  Two minutes later he came with a plate full of complimentary brownies.  It was a random act of kindness, I could have cried.  He listened and did exactly what I needed.  When was the last time you told someone what you needed and they gave you that instead of what they thought you needed or what was convenient for them to give you?  When was the last time you honestly and clearly vocalized a need?  It is not always easy to do that, at least for me.  When was the last time you did something really nice for someone else, for no reason other than to make them feel better.

Thank you for the brownies.


  • At 2009.03.16 14:50, chika said:

    ya lucky lucky gal! Brownies o for free kaman! 3amar ya masr!

    • At 2009.03.16 15:03, inas said:

      3amar ya masr benasek el tayebeen u know the kindness touched u because it was from a stranger not waiting for any thing in return also it is sometime a sign from god i am there all the time i will make you feel better when least expected

      • At 2009.03.16 15:13, jessyz said:

        @chika: and they were really good ones too.
        @inas: yes it was so nice coming from a stranger too.

        • At 2009.03.17 14:34, Mohamed Abuol Enein said:

          kelma 7elwa wekelmeteen …7elwa ya baladeee …,( Daleeda..)..we are a great nation with a great history …

          Warm + True Love + Deep Feelings + safe + 50%happy + 50% unhappy = Egypt….= the optimum Contradictions

          • At 2009.03.17 21:40, Karmi said:

            Hello. This is a really nice story. It made me feel good just reading it. It was generous of him (for listening and the brownies) and of you, for sharing.

            • At 2009.03.18 00:35, jessyz said:

              @Karmi: you are welcome, I was really touched too and had to share.