What is your personal motto?

Recently I decided my new personal motto will be “ele 7aydaye3ni 7afa2a3 3eneih besawabe3 regleih” (translation: if someone bothers me I will poke their eyes with their toes).  It started out as a joke and then I realized it makes sense.  What is your personal motto?


  • At 2009.03.20 19:35, inas said:

    mafeesh youm 7a3ade men 3.eer mal2e feeh 7aga tefar7ne .

    • At 2009.03.20 23:42, gjoez said:

      Lately, I like what Aly Ebn Aby Taleb said, “ان تتعب في البر فان التعب يزول والبر يبقى”

      • At 2009.03.21 11:18, jessyz said:

        @inas: a good one.
        @gjoez: you are definitely right.

        • At 2010.02.12 14:50, Noel Rasmussen said:

          I will admit this is the second time I have visited your site and Im diggin it! I added your site to my rss reader. Cant wait to see more blog posts!