Will It Still Matter?

fortune-cookie-it-doesnt-matterWhen something really annoys me, I try to ask myself  will it still matter later?  As human beings I beleive we are all slightly self-obssessed.  When someone has said or done something hurtful, or when you have said something that you shouldn’t have and you spend the night tossing and turning thinking things could be different, try it out.

Ask yourself, will it still matter in

  • an hour?
  • a day?
  • a week?
  • a month?
  • a year?
  • a lifetime?

If you can change things or can appologize then by all means do.  But if it is just one of those things that just bugs you let it go.  It usually won’t matter so much in the future.


  • At 2009.03.23 14:53, inas said:

    yes jessy u r right

    • At 2009.03.23 21:07, Mona said:

      This is a good idea. I tend to obsess over things and that’s a good question to ask.

      • At 2009.03.24 11:56, jessyz said:

        @inas: I try my best.
        @Mona: I constantly obsess over things that are pretty meaningless, I have to force myself to stop.

        • At 2009.03.24 13:20, gjoez said:

          Dee usually tells me the same thing when I have a fight with sister and feel terrible about it, she always says “3ala ba3d bokra el mawdoo3 hayb2a ka2enno mesh mawgood”

          It always works in putting into perspective.

          • At 2009.03.25 12:20, jessyz said:

            @gjoez: Dee is right, things are really much smaller when you look at the big picture.

            • At 2009.03.25 22:52, milkmama said:

              Good perspective. Thanks for the reminder.

              • At 2009.03.28 12:31, jessyz said:

                @milkmama: you are welcome, I try to remind myself the most.