6 People Worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize


The Nobel Peace prize is awarded to those who have helped keep the world a more peaceful place.  However there are people out there who have invented things that help keep world peace today and go unnoticed.  I would like to thank these people for making my life more peaceful.

Amazing family and friends

When you are really upset that you want to slit someone’s throat, they stop you.  When you are angry and want to commit suicide they give you the perfect pep talk.  When you are sad and depressed they hold your hand.  Having good people around you keeps the world a better place.  Think of Hitler, I am sure he didn’t have good people around him to guide him.

To the good people in my life, thank you!

Twitter and Blogging

Strange to say that Twitter or blogging help keep world peace, right?  Wrong!  Think of all of the angry people blogging, ranting or just telling the world what they are doing.  Imagine if all of these people had to bottle up all of their negative, angry and negative feelings, they would all burst or perhaps commit murder.  I must admit that some blogs though make you feel angry and negative but you learn to just close the tab and never visit the blog again if you are a normal person with no aggressive tendencies.  Twitter on the other hand helps people unload their feelings in 140 characters immediately which helps unload your pent up anger.  The old fashioned way is writing in  a diary, which also I would guess has helped many people feel better.  I kept thinking if Facebook is worthy of a mention here or not but decided against it.  Facebook helps the lonely people like me feel as if there is still a world out there full of people who actually do stuff but it also sometimes makes me angry and just in a plain bad mood so, no, sorry facebook you don’t deserve a Nobel.  So to the inventors of Twitter and blogging, thank you.


Yes, TV is a peace device.  Imagine all of those bored married couples without a TV in their home.  They would actually have to talk!  They would probably end up at each others’ throats every day.  All of those channels to surf, all of that bad programming to sift through and all of the mind numbing shows to kill your brain cells and prevent you from waging a war.  TV inventor, thank you!  Oh, I almost forgot, YouTube people, thank you for all of the funny videos of cats stuck in a box of Kleenex!

Comfort Food

If every time you felt bad you had a fight with someone instead of just eating something you would be really thin but there would be many causalities besides your waistline.  To the people who have come up with fries, chocolate bars and ice cream of the world, thank you!


Yes, coffee not money makes the world go round.  Coffee helps mothers around the world wake up and make the lives of the rest of the family work.  It helps your brain work when it is humanly impossible for it to tick.  It sometimes make the lack of sleep headaches go away at least for a short while to function and not kill people.  Not all coffee is equal though.  There is freshly ground coffee that has an aroma from heaven that fills the house and makes you walk on air.  Yes, I have actually experienced euphoria inducing coffee.  My happiest memories are with friends and family sharing the perfect cup of coffee, sometimes even the coffee was just horrible but the company was so awesome that coffee always makes me happy.  I confess, coffee makes me happier than chocolate.

To all of you perfect coffee beans out there, thank you!

To the person who realized that we can drink the stuff, thank you!

P.S. Mom that Maxwell stuff is horrible.

Headache Medication

If you have ever had a splitting headache or migraine then you knows exactly what I mean.  Your head is throbbing, your forehead feels like there is a construction site working on it and your eyes just want to pop out.  You pop a pill, two or three depending on how dependent on the stuff you are and in a little while the world is a nicer place again.  Some of us have it worse than others like myself who suffer chronic migraines which sometimes are vomit inducing and no amount of pills can make the migraines go away but at least when the pills work I feel like a human being.

To the person who discovered the formula, thank you!

Notable Mentions

Just because some things didn’t make my top five list doesn’t mean they don’t help the human existence like

  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Washing Machines
  • Window Shopping (Online window shopping too)
  • The perfect shade of nail polish
  • Flavored Lip Gloss
  • Manicures and Pedicures
  • Good Books

Thank you to all of the inventors and authors out there.


  • At 2009.04.08 16:31, Ulysses said:

    I would most definitely agree on Coffee, it’s a drink from heaven

    • At 2009.04.08 22:19, jessyz said:

      It truly is!

      • At 2009.04.08 21:35, gjoez said:

        magine if all of these people had to bottle up all of their negative, angry and negative feelings, they would all burst or perhaps commit murder.

        — Well thought of!

        Gamed awy el post dah.. it made me smile wallahy wana i need it the moost.. Thank The Lord for Coffee!

        • At 2009.04.08 22:21, jessyz said:

          el 3afw, men ba3d ma 3endakom

          • At 2009.04.11 18:32, Karmi said:

            i say yes to the perfect shade of lip gloss. it just transforms the face and the mood even when you’re sick or feeling a bit under the weather. i also feel the same way about facebook. it’s nice to be there but like in the real world it can be annoying to have people who are always in your face with the things they do and “how amazing they are”.

            • At 2009.04.12 19:24, jessyz said:

              All of the people who write those annoying status messages like “I just woke up” and “I am going to brush my teeth now” just go on the hidden list so I don’t have to read their status updates.

              • At 2009.04.13 10:22, inas said:

                i think manicure pedicure and massage is a great comfort

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                  • At 2009.10.17 23:16, Mohamed "Zawjek" said:

                    What about the following :
                    1) Air conditioning
                    2) Computers….(you can’t reach twitter or any thing else without it)
                    3) Cars, Airplanes , Trains , ….The Transportation System
                    4) DSL , ADSL
                    5) Wii
                    6) Ipod
                    7) Cinema , Theaters ,Opera …etc.
                    8) Mobile phone
                    9) ATM
                    10) Wet wipes..Dettol , Fragrant Candles, Harpic
                    11) Fuel Prepaid Cards
                    12) All , Any Type of Remote Controls for any devices

                    • At 2011.03.07 16:08, Meri Gerold said:

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