A Brief Guide to World Domination

No matter
independent they
are, I’ve yet
to meet
someone who has
accomplished everything in their
life completely on their own. It just doesn’t work that way.
If you want to conform to society then skip this post and go be your generic self in a generic world.
If you want to be your true self and not conform to the standards of anyone but yourself then give Chris Guillebeau’s A Breif Guid to World Domination a look. It’s a free e-book or a manifesto for living life in a way that will help you take a good look at your life and maybe even turn it into something outstanding.  It is only 29 pages long, but if you take the time to answer the questions and think about the concepts deeply it will take some time to read.  It points to great resources, has lots of interesting information and is very interactive.  I think it is more of a workbook than a manifesto.
Personally, I am going through one of those phases in life where everything is slow and I am taking the time to decide what I want to do next, the manifesto was an inspiration, filled with real people’s stories who have made a difference, changed their lives and the lives of so many other people.
It is so easy to be like everyone else, but it is so much harder to be just you. Finding yourself is a challenge in itself and then being consistent and growing is so much harder. Yet. it is doable, so many people have done it, if they can do it, then so can we.


  • At 2009.04.21 00:49, Lujee said:

    Nice! Thanks for the recommendation! I think I’ll be printing it out..

    • At 2009.04.21 11:03, jessyz said:

      It’s well worth printing. Enjoy!