Apartment for Rent: Wanted Cool Neighbors

classifiedsThe apartment accross ours is empty and I want new cool neighbors, here is my imaginary ad.

Wanted Cool Neighbors.  Are you a fun loving happy family looking for an apartment?  We’re looking for:

  • a young family preferably with a one year old daughter to be friends with our little one.
  • you don’t make noise, don’t scream and never ever shout obscene profanities at home.
  • enjoy baking and are looking for a cookie making buddy that looks across the hall.
  • don’t mind babysitting one night a week, we will definitely return the favor every week.
  • have lots of interesting books you would like to swap with your neighbor and start a mini book club in the building.
  • don’t leave your shoes at the door. (Yes, I understand you don’t want dirt coming into your house, but please build a shoe rack INSIDE your own apartment, I don’t want to see or smell your shoes)
  • your house always smells nice, so nice we can smell it across the hall.
  • you would love to have morning coffee with your next door neighbor and have an interesting and smart conversation too.

If you are interested and really exist, leave a comment below.


  • At 2009.04.06 15:42, mohammad said:

    معظم الشروط تنطبق علي
    بس بتأجروا عزابية؟؟

    • At 2009.04.06 16:11, jessyz said:

      It’s not mine to rent, I am just hoping a nice family comes to live next door. I think they only rent to families though.

      • At 2009.04.06 18:26, hamede said:

        في أي منطقة

        • At 2009.04.07 11:45, jessyz said:

          People moved in yesterday, haven’t met them yet though.