Friday’s Five: I’ve been told about the future …

The Wise Owl by patries71

The Wise Owl by patries71

I’ve been told many things. Some things I remember and others I don’t. Throughout life people will tell you things about the future and sometimes you will think that no way in hell that whatever they are saying will come true, then when the days have passed you will remember and realize that whatever they said did happen. There are other times of course that you will laugh and wonder what the hell were they talking about.
Without further ado, the top five things that I’ve been told:
5 The first year of marriage is the hardest. I agree with this one. The first year of marriage is a toughie, it’s when two different people, from different backgrounds, with different ideas merge into one household.  I think my first year of marriage was very hard; I got married, moved to a different country, left my job, got pregnant and discovered I was not exactly a natural domestic wonder.  I made lots of mistakes, learned from some of them, made them again, learned from some of the mistakes I made a second time and so on and so forth.  Overall, since what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and since I am not dead so I am guessing all is well.

4 You will always look back at school and think it was the greatest time of your life. I completely disagree with this one. I hated my school. Well I hated the last school I went to before university. I liked the ones before it (I’ve been to five different schools) but I still don’t think school was the best time of my life neither was university. I actually like getting older, I am guessing my forties will be the happiest time of my life.

3 With children, as they grow older, things get harder/easier. I agree with both statements.  Some things are easier and some things are harder.  The first few months were a sleep deprived haze of getting by.  It’s definitely easier to go out now but it’s also exhausting to keep tabs on her all the time since she’s gotten more mobile.  Trust me on this if you don’t have kids, they can sometimes crawl into the bathroom in a matter of seconds, unroll a fresh roll of toilet paper, topple the laundry hamper over, eat soap and make a complete mess.  That said, I can’t wait until she can walk, run and ask me why the sky is blue a hundred times over (I am weird like that).

2 You will look back at this day/event/whatever and will laugh.
So true.  Imagine life like a road that you travel forward, when you move away from a thing it looks much smaller and eventually disappears. Smart people learn how to move forward faster than others.  Not so smart people get off life and sit next to their problem and keep going around it, refusing to move away.  Step away from the problem, turn around, choose the right way to go and run!

And my number one top favorite:

1 Everything will sort itself out eventually. Yes, everything does eventually either work out or doesn’t matter, either way life goes on.


  • At 2009.04.24 21:20, inas said:

    nice article

    • At 2009.04.26 08:12, jessyz said:


      • At 2009.04.25 00:29, gjoez said:

        7elwa deh ya Jessyz, ya reet koll el nas te3raf enn the first year is the toughest, because I look around and I see people unwilling to compromise and actually get a divorce fe awel sana!!

        Begad 7aga tedaye2..:(

        • At 2009.04.26 08:14, jessyz said:

          I have two takes on the issue of divorce in the first year.
          1. The couple was not compatible from the beginning, this is sometimes because of the way we view marriage as the ends to the means instead of a means to an end and couples just want to get married regardless of whether they should or not.
          2. The couple has unrealistic expectations and does not know how to compromise.

          • At 2009.04.26 07:10, asoom said:

            It totally makes sense to believe that the first year of marriage will be the hardest. I mean just because you love someone, it doesn’t mean you can’t get annoyed, angry, and even sometimes feel like you just hate them and these feelings could soon easily come out during the difficult times of adjusting. I hate sharing a bathroom with anyone. I can’t imagine having to share a tiny apartment and a bedroom and a closet!

            Alhamdulilah the one I want to marry has thus far proven to be a very relaxed and patient person. I on the other hand really need to work on being understanding and patient before the times comes when I’ll really be sharing everything with someone else.

            • At 2009.04.26 08:18, jessyz said:

              It’s a great thing Mashallah that your chosen one is relaxed and patient. I have found that patience really does fix most problems in life. It is the little nagging things that usually put a strain on a marriage, if the couple knows how to respect one another and communicate most of these issues can be fixed. That doesn’t guarantee never bickering though. You will argue, disagree, fight but in the end you will learn how to make up and not step on each others boundaries.

              • At 2009.04.27 13:20, Nerro said:

                Love your 5s; especially #1: Everything will sort itself out eventually
                So true

                • At 2009.04.27 15:54, jessyz said:

                  Yeah Nerro, everything usually does.