Motherhood and I

A couple of days ago I got an email from David about this really interesting project; around the world in 80 clicks, asking mom bloggers what they love about being a mom.  Starting off is Catherine, who has a more detailed intro on it and has written such a sweet yet realistic post.

Here’s how it’s going to work: this post that you’re reading? Is the departure lounge. I’m going to link to a couple of other mom bloggers here in Canada, and to a couple of mom bloggers from other countries around the world, and they’ll write their posts, sharing 5 things that they love (or maybe what they don’t so much love – this playground doesn’t force conformity) about being a mom, and then they’ll tag a few more bloggers from their own country and from other countries, and so on. And you’re more than welcome to join: just write a post of your own (5 things that you love about being a mom) and find someone to link to and tag – someone from your own country, if you like, but definitely someone from another country (Google is a good resource if you don’t know any; google any country name and ‘mom’ in their blog search function) (be sure to let them know that you’ve tagged them!) – and link back here and leave a comment and we’ll add you to the ‘itinerary,’ which David will compile and post and update as the tour proceeds.

I sometimes find it very difficult to think of things I love about being a mother,  I am usually exhausted, sleep deprived and a total mess, and then there are other times when I enjoy it.  I still don’t go around telling all of the women I know how amazing motherhood is and how everyone should become a mother because I think it is not for everyone and I think they should understand what they are getting themselves into (not that you will ever really know until you start changing that first diaper).  For me it’s a constant uphill battle holding on to my sanity but I get by, mainly by letting go of the nitty and gritty and looking at the big picture.

Five things about being a mom (because I am not sure if they will be things I love or hate)

  1. I love being my daughter’s mother.  She’s a my mini me, just like I was my mother’s mini her.  It’s a bit narcissistic but yes I love the fact that she looks like me.
  2. I love making her giggle because no one else can do it like I can.  I can make her giggle just by saying words or making faces or showing her trees.  For some strange reason beyond my comprehension the little girl thinks trees and cats are the funniest thing in the world.  Just show her a picture of either and she will laugh so hard.   She also thinks my dancing is funny and claps and cheer as if I am a finalist on So You Think You Can Dance (and no I am sure that I can’t dance but I don’t care because the look on my one year old’s face is priceless).
  3. I still sometimes can’t believe I am a mother.
  4. I hate that it’s a 24 hour day job, 365 days a year, 366 on a leap year which sucks.  They should totally stop having leap years because that extra day is exhausting.  I sometimes wish I could just lock myself in the bathroom for a couple of hours without having to change diapers, feed or entertain her.
  5. I love feeling that I can influence the little one to be a better person although the same feeling keeps me up at night wondering if I can really do it.

I am tagging two moms in Egypt to keep you clicking, Insomniac and MamaMona, because I think they’re cool moms.


  • At 2009.04.04 15:53, inas said:

    Very sweet, very simple, very enjoyable, very tiring, very worrying, very consuming, very interesting, full of surprises, lifetime unpaid job that you will never think of giving up because it makes your life happy and worthwhile.

    • At 2009.04.07 03:53, David Wescott said:

      this is great – thanks for participating!

      • At 2009.04.07 11:44, jessyz said:

        It was lots of fun writing it. Will you do a roundup at the end with a map showing the 80 clicks?

        • At 2009.04.08 09:29, Grace @ Sandier Pastures said:

          LOL on the leap year! I did the meme too and actually found your link from David’s delicious page. :-)

          I bloghopped from Dubai – we’re in the same corner of the world!

          • At 2009.04.08 09:34, jessyz said:

            I was just checking your post too, this is so spooky!
            It was a fun meme to do actually, motherhood is exhausting but fun and connecting with all of these moms is super.