Why I ask questions, instead of update my status

The Questions Cube by Grunge

The Questions Cube by Grunge

“Quality questions
a quality
life. Successful people
ask better
questions, and as
a result, they get
better answers.” Anthony Robbins
If you are a friend of mine on facebook you will have noticed that it has been ages since I have actually updated the status message with anything personal or related to my life.  It’s an intentional thing by the way.  After being subjected to other people’s terribly depressing status messages and the realization that instead of using facebook to connect, share or start a conversation it has become all about mostly depression, sadness or complaints.

I used to be guilty of updating my status with cryptic messages of pure depression, frustration or anger.  Getting out of my own pity party and canceling all future ones was a great decision.  It took me a while t0 realize that the people who really care usually already know and don’t need to be updated and the people who don’t, shouldn’t really know.  Instead, I ask a daily question of the day (QotD for short) and wait for my awesome friends to come up with funny, insightful and interesting answers.  Basically I have achieved more than I had in mind when I first started to ask the questions.

  • A conversation is born every time a question is asked.  We discuss, we laugh and we talk to each other.  I now know what kind of shampoo they would like to be, what their favorite songs of the moment are, what they would say if they were bumper stickers, what false assumptions people make about them and so many other interesting things.  Some questions work better than others but overall, someone always manages to amaze me either by coming up with a totally funny or interesting point of view or by showing me a side of themselves I had never seen.  Sometimes someone will message me or email me and we’ll talk some more about it.
  • Positivity and empowerment have replaced the negativity and complaining.  Instead of complaining I can ask a question.  Instead of feeling lonely, I now feel connected to my friends. When you give yourself permission to moan, you just take away your power to live and enjoy what you already have. I might be living a thousand kilometers away from my family and friends but I have chosen to connect every day with a simple question. In our busy lives it is becoming more and more difficult to connect with everyone on a daily personal basis, so this is my way of doing the next best thing. It might not be as deep having a long conversation, but it works for me.

So to all you amazingly cool friends who have answered my questions, thank you.

What do you do with your status?


  • At 2009.04.18 18:58, Shimaa Gamal said:

    I really like your Qotd statuses. I even thought of starting to do it myself but I don’t think the collection of friends I have will be interested in such types of conversations :) But I like it so much.
    As for my status it usually refeclts what I have in mind in a certain moment.. Like a mini blog. Sometimes I send certain msgs through the statuses :) I can be mean sometimes 😉

    • At 2009.04.19 23:36, jessyz said:

      You can always try, your friends might just surprise you.
      I used to do the same but then realized it just didn’t work, only made me feel worse usually.

      • At 2009.04.19 14:59, inas said:

        i like what u do and open end Q GIVES A CHANCE TO AND ENDLESS DISCUSSION where u share interresting ideas with interresting people

        • At 2009.04.19 23:37, jessyz said:

          Yes, you should see some of the answers they are so funny and interesting.

          • At 2009.04.19 20:40, Lujee said:

            That’s an amazing idea! Really respect that! I might even start doing that myself and see how it goes.
            I don’t “usually” use the status message at all actually.. and have been noticing that trend of depressing or complain-full ones. That or the insane amount of quiz taking =S

            Great idea, the QotD! Cheers!

            Oh, and where do you happen to be exactly? If you don’t mind me asking, of course.

            • At 2009.04.19 23:40, jessyz said:

              I am in Kuwait.
              I actually remove people from my news feed if they are constantly updating me with their miserable state of mind, the quizzes I can live with, the doom and gloom, no.
              It’s a shame really because the status message is a very smart and useful idea. You should check out twitter, the service is built on only the 140 character status update. Like any tool it all boils down to how you are going to use it.

              • At 2009.04.20 17:16, Karmi said:

                It’s so true what you said. We don’t really have to explain things to our closest friends. In my case, they usually know before I open my mouth. They never ask for explanations. They’re just there. I love that about them.

                • At 2009.04.21 11:03, jessyz said:

                  Thank God for true friends

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                      • At 2011.05.12 21:12, Joshua said:

                        I ask question too some people post are depressing