eBook Review: Reclaim Your Dreams

Reclaim Your Dreams

Reclaim Your Dreams

Use the
mind to
compare facts. Use
your heart
to make choices.
Jonathan Mead the author of Illuminated Mind was looking for bloggers to review his new book Reclaim Your Dreams I jumped at the chance for two reasons.  First, I really love the blog and thought the book would be valuable and second I would be doing what I really love reading and reviewing a book.

I wasn’t dissapointed.  I am at a phase in life where I am searching for a new purpose, a new dream and trying to figure it all out.  I was never really a cubicle prisoner.  I had a job which I loved and enjoyed greatly, then I got married, moved to another country, had a baby and suddenly found everything that I had always known, changed.

In my case, I am not just looking out to reclaiming my dreams, I am trying to redefine them.  The book was a great help.  I’ve read many ebooks but mostly they were not originally meant to be eBooks and the layout is not usually interesting.  This book is beautifully designed and layed out.  It might seem unimportant, but trust me when something is nice to look at, it’s inviting to read.  Books used to have a smell, a texture and a feel to them that invited readers to keep going.  Ebooks don’t have that so they need to compensate in other areas.

The buildup is logical and straight forward. You have to read the ebook like a workbook. With paper and pencils, take notes and draw maps so you can draw your dreams and then make them come to life with the tips and resources, which are plentiful in the book.

Each chapter ends with an exercise which you have to do and “points to meditate on”. You find yourself stopping, thinking and really meditating on these ideas.

The book really is common sense in an uncommon context. I would definitely recommend it. It would be a perfect gift to anyone you know who needs a push into the right direction for realizing their dreams.

Get the book here.

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