What Really Happened?

Like everyone else and their brother I heard about the ruling in the Suzan Tamim murder trial last Thursday.  Personally I am confused.  I am not happy about it, not because I am a ST supporter or the other way around.  I just don’t understand why someone with money, power and connections would stoop that low.  Did he really want her dead?  Is he the devil like some people in the media would like us to believe?  Is this all just some sort of incredible Hollywood production orchestrated for our viewing and for teaching someone else a lesson?  It just smells wrong.  Like a huge conspiracy theory, and with the ban on publication and without knowing the whole story we will never really know the truth.

There are three things that are bothering me about this case.  The first being why and how could such a man resort to murder.  The second thing is how people can easily condemn anyone without searching for the truth.  Finally, is our judicial system fair for everyone?  All these ideas are not just related to the case itself but to basic human nature and specifically an Egyptian culture which is changing and evolving perhaps not to a better but a stronger creature.  “The marriage between money and power” like the media likes to call it is the reason behind all of the corruption in Egypt.  I have to disagree.  There have been many powerful and rich men and women in history but not all of them were corrupt.  Not all kings were unjust and not all rulers were dictators.  Corruption can not breed and grow unless everyone turns a blind eye.

What makes me wonder the most is why would someone like HTM would commit such a crime and why someone like Mamdouh El Sokkary who was an officer who had sworn to protect the people resort to murder, that is, if they really did it.  Did they believe they were immune to justice or did they think they would never get caught.  Did they think that they were above everyone else?  If they didn’t do it, then who did and why?  If he did do it, why did he really want her dead?

Second, everyone decided right away that he was either 100% guilty or 100% innocent depending on their ideologies and political leanings in life.  How can anyone make such a decision without seeing and hearing all of the evidence.  Just because someone is rich or powerful does not mean they are also evil.  On the other hand just because they don’t look like a criminal does not make them innocent.

Finally, what has happened to the judicial system in Egypt.  Suddenly it is condemning powerful people?  I don’t think powerful people should be above the law, I just find it fishy that some people can get away with murder and others can not.  It also makes me wonder if there is some sort of unfair play behind the curtains or under the table.  Mamdouh Ismail for example was completely declared innocent of the death of over a thousand people, no fine, no jail time, no nothing.  I just hope that this ruling is fair and just and not just some sort of payback for something we do not know or understand.

What happens now is the question?  Will they really be executed?  Will we learn that there are always consequences to our actions?   Will the law be applied to everyone?  So many questions and no answers.

On a very different note, I saw a police car today while I was driving and I realized that I can’t remember what Egyptian police cars look like, I could only recall what “ElBox” looks like.  Does anyone have the same feeling?


  • At 2009.05.25 21:14, Amira AK said:

    Regardless of the whole propaganda of this story, what truly bothers me is those who kill for 200 and 300 pounds or for a mere pack of drugs. will they also get the same kind of “justice” as people with influence and power? if our system is in place, then all those who commit murder should be punished in the same way.

    • At 2009.05.26 08:54, Peter Ripley said:

      This is the first completely reasoned piece I have read about this tragic case. No one is completely evil, but the judges have found against the mogul and the ex-cop, and the evidence was complete.
      What is interesting is that little Dubai insisted on justice, and even promised it to Suzan Tamim’s family. The spotlight was too bright for cronies to be protected, so the Egyptian government allowed due process of law to prevail.
      How can one hate so much to pay someone a fortune to kill a former lover? This is preposterous. The fat, rich mogul thought he could get away with it, otherwise he would not have done it.
      Suzan Tamim had more natural talent than Madonna, Nancy, Nawaz, the rest of them, and her beauty was extraordinary. She had brains, personality and ambition, yet the vile Arab men in her life destroyed her from day one. The real villain, for me at least, is that sleazeball Matouk, without whom this grisly situation would never have happened. If that dickless wonder had let go Suzan would be alive today.

      • At 2009.05.26 12:03, inas said:

        nice article u see as humans we enjoy talking about other peoples’ things to forget our own things bur some else will for sure talk about ours and thats it.

        • At 2009.05.26 13:29, ibhog said:

          we don’t know what happened, and no one actually does, and that’s not news really, since when we know anything about anything in this falling regime!

          Yes it’s falling!, the very sign of leaving people in the dark is that sad endings are about to prevail.

          One is rather apathic than empathic on this situation, no matter to whom views, because we know nothing of a friend or an enemy, a convict or an innocent .. absolutely nothing.

          I got used to such news breaks, that I really don’t give a damn any more, and its for the best as far as I’m concerned to just let it be, and exploit my time in more useful kinds of thinking.

          However, if its of any tribute or reminiscence to the martyrs who spent their lives in that ship that wrecked, all I can do is to curse whoever tells us news avails truth, that’s my worth, to announce to people that our media is strictly unreliable, and to preach its failure rather than discuss proceedings.

          It’s humiliating enough for a man (an Egyptian man) to be accused of murder publicly, and miserable journalists do nothing but feed on the subject for material reasons, and nothing more.

          It’s just bad business, my comfort can’t survive the blunders after having believed a lie in the first place, let alone speak of it, best don’t give a damn about whatever happens.

          Because we don’t know what happened, no body does … no body!!

          sick country!

          • At 2009.05.26 14:07, Sarah said:

            I know what you mean it felt the same with the murder of Layila Gofran’s daughter who I personally knew and the weird guy they caught and how the media spread lies about a girl who I know and I was one of the few who knew that these are just plan lies.
            I was not convinced with the guy they caught and still am not. Asked myself who are they covering for and my head took the same spine yours took with the Suzanne Tamim murder.
            Our country is filled with lies and secrets in the creme De la Creme society as they like to call it that we will never know.
            It is weird to see someone so powerful being judged but its a refreshing change but the whole circumstances of the case, the arrest and murder stinks it does not make sense but why would someone that powerful be trailed and sentenced unless someone more powerful did it. But I guess will never know don’t we?
            Sorry for the long comment but you touched on something that really got to me..
            Like your post Obviously:)