Bunny Bunny

I love making stuff.  I really do.  I am just usually too lazy or too tired.  For some reason, though, I’ve been dreaming of making felt soft toys all last week.  So, totally by chance, I found some felt last Thursday and bought some.  I then went home, googled “felt bunny pattern” and found this PDF.  I realized I needed some more felt and different colored thread so I went out and bought the stuff yesterday and made a bunny.

Mr. Bunny Bunny

Mr. Bunny Bunny

He took 4 hours to make, Lulu likes him but not as much as Woowoo but that’s ok.  I still have lots of left over felt so I am looking for a new project :-D.  Now excuse me while I go dream about them.


  • At 2009.08.09 17:43, Juka said:

    I’m VERY impressed! Bravo. As for the talking.. you could skype me (a)

    • At 2009.08.11 16:56, jessyz said:

      Heheheh thank you thank you
      I should skype you and talk your head off!

      • At 2009.08.09 22:52, ze2red said:

        i fell in love with Mr. Bunny, so if lulu doesn’t love him i can take him, i’ll be so happy with him 😀

        • At 2009.08.11 16:56, jessyz said:

          Heheheh just send me a mailing address and I’ll make you your own bunny bunny!
          I am serious. Do you want a pink or a blue one?

          • At 2009.08.12 02:07, ze2red said:

            Yaaaayyyy…you really need to go in business with those, and i can do some marketing for you :)

            about my own Mr. Bunny i really would love to have one of my own, but i don’t want to trouble you about it :)

            • At 2009.08.30 12:31, jessyz said:

              No trouble, lots of fun, pick a color 😀

              • At 2009.08.10 09:10, inas said:

                hi buny buny i love you looking forward to meet you soon

                • At 2009.08.11 16:57, jessyz said:

                  And we are waiting to see you soon.

                  • At 2009.08.10 13:09, KJ said:

                    WOW! You’re the only one I know, other than my grandmother, who makes things!

                    • At 2009.08.11 16:58, jessyz said:

                      I am not sure if that’s meant as a compliment or an implication towards my age

                      • At 2009.08.12 02:08, ze2red said:

                        take it as a compliment, women don’t ever get to admit their age, we are always young sweety and we never age 😉

                        • At 2009.08.12 15:30, jessyz said:

                          lol, I totally agree we never age :-)

                          • At 2009.08.12 18:59, Mohaly said:

                            I wonder what life will be without women and all their cute stuff!
                            God Bless women :)

                            • At 2009.08.30 12:24, jessyz said:

                              I think it’s because of the babies in this world that women are drawn to cuteness :-)

                              • At 2009.08.15 19:01, Reem said:

                                u know i was dreaming yesterday that i’m making stuff too but
                                it was a stuffed bear ,so thanx for the PDF now i can make my dream come true 😀

                                very nice bunny :)

                                • At 2009.08.30 12:25, jessyz said:

                                  Hehehe let me know how they turn out for you. I am thinking of updating the pattern, making it smaller and turning it into a keychain

                                  • At 2009.08.16 20:39, Hicham said:

                                    Jessz this is so sweet. I recall now What’s Up Doc 😀

                                    • At 2009.08.29 14:28, RJAY said:

                                      i loveeeeee mine

                                      • At 2009.08.30 12:47, jessyz said:

                                        hehehehe you got a personalized one too!

                                        • At 2011.04.02 18:09, Bunny Chat said:

                                          they are pretty cool.