Egyptians/Arabs Who Deserve It

Cute enough gloves might just make me seriously consider taking boxing lessons.

Cute enough gloves might just make me seriously consider taking boxing lessons.

People Who Deserve it is a hilarious blog, which lists people who deserve a punch in their face.

  1. Queue Cutters.  We just don’t know how to queue.  It’s simple, person 1 first, person 2 stands behind him, person 3 behind person 2, ….. person n behind person n-1.  The key word here is behind, not next to, not in front of but behind.  The next time someone cuts in line I am going to punch them in the face and feel good about it.  I also find it very irritating when there are separate lines for men and women and men think it is ok to push the women because their line is so much longer.
  2. Naffaf El Taffaf.  You know the guy?  Who rolls down his window, and spits his phlegm out?  Gross!  I’d love to punch him in the face but I am sure it is too gross.
  3. Sweaty Betty.  Take a shower Mr. Stinky!
  4. Eye Shadow Lovers.  Some women tend to overdo the eyeshadow thing.  Electric blue and powerful purple right upto their eyebrows is just an eyesore.  I should punch them and give them permanent black eyes, no eyeshadow needed.
  5. Complainers.  Especially the kind that do nothing to improve what they are complaining about.
  6. Litterers. Seriously? Can’t you wait till you find a bin?  We would all like to live in litter free environments.
  7. Nosy people afraid of the evil eye.  These people are weird.  They are nosy and they want to know everything about YOUR life.  Like how much you get paid, or where did you get your sofa from, how happy you are in your marriage, where did you go on vacation, the details and everything, but they hardly ever tell you anything about their lives because they are afraid you might jinx them.  If you are afraid of the evil eye, don’t ask people so they won’t ask you.

Who do you want to punch?


  • At 2009.08.02 09:57, mab3oos said:

    my list of people whom I want to punch is extensive. However, I would sure put ~20 heads of state of the Arab variety on top of that list along with most Arabs. You know what? scratch that. It’s those Zionists who are the root of all troubles. So I would line them against THE wall and through Arab leaders at them.

    I am weird.

    • At 2009.08.11 16:15, jessyz said:

      I actually agree with this idea :-). Two birds with one stone.

      • At 2009.08.02 11:30, Brownie said:

        first, Men with long dirty nails.
        second, my manger for being such an ***
        third, arrogant ppl

        • At 2009.08.11 16:44, jessyz said:

          I totally forgot about the firty nails. Yuck!

          • At 2009.08.02 11:35, ze2red said:

            I would like to punch all Taxi drivers who always think it’s OK to cut your way in the streets without even using flashers, or stop all in a sudden for a possible customer and they have no break lights, so u get to stop just one MM behind them with a miracle and thank God that you are still alive, and for the working breaks you got in ur car, which i think needs to be checked every now and then :)

            • At 2009.08.11 16:44, jessyz said:

              Heheheh it’s even worse if you are in a taxi and they start talking and complaining.

              • At 2009.08.02 13:10, ibhog said:

                Look I’m not a Nazi or something, but for your 6th type, I guess those should be killed, not punched .. to keep the distance .. a shotgun is needed.

                And for my worth of punching, well, I like to punch all human beings who wear two bottles of fragrance every freaking 30 mins! Especially girls, I sometimes feel completely submerged in the perfume I could suffocate!

                • At 2009.08.11 16:45, jessyz said:

                  Heheheh I like perfume to be subtle but most people don’t. Maybe they have a smelling problem?

                  • At 2009.08.02 15:37, Mona said:

                    I want to punch them all too! I’ll never forget the time I tried to buy a can of soda from the counter next to carrefour and it was no line it was just a huge mass of people clamoring to be first and whoever could get their money to the guy first won. I also encountered many sweaty betty’s Or sweaty freddys in this case in this moment of chaos!

                    • At 2009.08.11 16:46, jessyz said:

                      Heheeh you just learn to shove your way through or wait the crowds out. I personally prefer waiting. I like my personal space.

                      • At 2009.08.02 19:24, Hicham said:

                        Hilarious blog, “Egyptian” jessyz :D. My list is simple; those who think they are the have ‘ultimate truth’ while others are rubbish!

                        • At 2009.08.11 16:48, jessyz said:

                          Masr, balad el 70 million 7akam/naked cinema/ doctor/ whatever they’re all experts

                          • At 2009.08.02 23:57, Amira AK said:

                            actually punching is a great stress buster! only punching bags though, but you should try it sometime. oh, and did i mention i have a pair of those sexy gloves? haven’t used them yet though.. wanna come and try them on?

                            • At 2009.08.11 16:48, jessyz said:

                              I try to stay away from violence :-) but for the gloves I can make an exception

                              • At 2009.08.03 12:56, inas said:

                                what about microbaaaaz drivers i think a punch is not enough may be a kick will help to.

                                • At 2009.08.11 16:48, jessyz said:

                                  la2 nerbothom fo2 el microbaaaz we nesoo2 beehom zay mabeysoo2o

                                  • At 2009.08.03 16:00, Nerro said:

                                    My list inlcudes:
                                    1- Loud Loud people
                                    2- Men who cheat on their good wives
                                    3- parents who hit their children, let alone hitting them in the streets and/or in public.
                                    4- Arrogant and Haughty people

                                    • At 2009.08.11 16:51, jessyz said:

                                      heheheh loud people are annoying especially when it is uncalled for
                                      It’s annoying whether the wife is good or bad, if they are unhappy they should leave.
                                      Parents sometimes are stressed and you just see a crazy act, it is when the shouting or abuse happens regularly that it becomes a problem.
                                      And when a 3 year old darts across a busy street, the kid needs a serious talking to (no hitting).
                                      Arrogant people are just sad.

                                      • At 2009.08.04 04:28, Jasmine said:

                                        Hahaha thanks for the laugh, got to agree about the eye shadow lovers and the QUEUE JUMPERS.. man, when I first came to Egypt I thought it was people being personally rude to me until I realised that loads of the people just don’t have any manners regarding this.

                                        • At 2009.08.11 16:52, jessyz said:

                                          In Egypt nothing and everything is personal :-)

                                          • At 2009.08.07 16:33, KJ said:

                                            If you’re gonna punch people who complain, that’s all of us bloggers LOL!

                                            • At 2009.08.11 16:53, jessyz said:

                                              Let’s all punch ourselves in the face now!

                                              • At 2009.08.29 14:44, RJAY said:

                                                heheh el naffaf el taffaf

                                                and the evil eye le3elmek mesh 3eenek bes el e7sha we manakheerrek we wedanek kaman!!!

                                                • At 2009.08.30 12:47, jessyz said:

                                                  hehehe aywa mesh keda?

                                                  • At 2010.04.26 17:05, Brenda said:

                                                    Wow, I was glad to stumble onto this. I thought it was only me that was having trouble with Egyptians being nosy about my personal life! These are Egyptians that I meet online though. They think they have the right to know EVERYTHING about me!

                                                    • At 2010.05.03 16:00, jessyz said:

                                                      I guess you learn how to brush it off after some time right?