Friday’s Five: Things NOT to do this Ramadan

  1. Double Park. Double parking is an evil that should be avoided, seriously just because you are fasting does not give you an excuse to double park.  Walk the extra distance and be nice to the world.  Just because you are going to pray does not mean you can double park either, praying is a good thing, annoying people is bad.  Balash 7ad ye7asben 3aleko keda fe Ramadan.
  2. Pig out. How many Ramadans do you need to learn that eating everything in the fridge and kitchen including the sink is a bad idea?
  3. Send corny texts. Either call or don’t bother.  If you really need to send a corny SMS then it should be funny and you should still call.  If you don’t care enough to call then your SMS doesn’t really matter.
  4. Go mosalsalat crazy. They suck anyway and you will end up complaining about how bad they are.  Do something useful instead like think of non corny sms messages to send in Eid.
  5. Blame everything in Seyam. We”re all fasting so you are not getting any pity from me.

Generally try to be nice to people.  Smile more often and be grateful that at the end of the day you will have a hot meal and enjoy it with loved ones, the world is full of people who are not that lucky.

Happy Ramadan.

P.S. If you really still have the need to pig out, make sure you leave some space for dessert especially if it is 2atayef, 2om 3ali or konafa nabolseya.  Law sara2t esra2 gamal, wen3eshe2t e3sha2 2amar wen ettafest ettafes 3ala 7aga testahel we kol sana wento tayebeen ya welad.


  • At 2009.08.21 11:48, هوندا said:

    كل سنة وانتى بخير

    • At 2009.08.30 12:25, jessyz said:

      wenti tayeba we belse7a welsalama

      • At 2009.08.21 11:51, Juka said:

        Jessyz :) You had me laughing like mad. Kol sanna wenty tayyeba :) I hope you have a sensational Ramadan. Give my best to Lulu.

        • At 2009.08.30 12:26, jessyz said:

          Shokran shokran! Up till now it has been exhausting, keeping up with the fasting and a non-fasting crazy baby is driving me crazy.

          • At 2009.08.21 12:21, kinzi said:

            Ramadan Kareem!!!!

            Great tips! I must say, maybe I have lived here tooooo long, but I shuddered to read ‘pig-out’ and ‘Ramadan’ in teh same post! 😉

            • At 2009.08.30 12:26, jessyz said:

              Allahu Akram!

              hehehe didn’t really think about it :-)

              • At 2009.08.21 12:40, Shimaa Gamal said:

                kol sana wenty tayeba ya Jessy. gawa3teeny 😀

                where were you hiding?

                • At 2009.08.30 12:27, jessyz said:

                  Hehehe family were here, so we were out and about, and then Ramadan kills me schedule.

                  I have a fairly boring routine which I like but Ramadan messes it all up for me and Lulu.

                  Enti feinek ba2a?

                  • At 2009.08.30 12:39, Shimaa Gamal said:

                    Ramadan messes up all routines :) ana mestakhbya :) :) it seems it is related to salsalet el shayateen fi ramadan 😉

                    • At 2009.08.21 14:12, ibhog said:

                      as a matter of fact, pigging out is related to going mosalsalat crazy, people don’t get the chance to digest food, from table to tv after breakfast, and from tv to table before so7oor, and lots of food in between as well.

                      I’m counting on the summer anyway, it urges us to drink lots of water, so maybe we won’t eat that much after all – not sure though!

                      Corny texts – thank you! where’ve you been !!

                      • At 2009.08.30 12:28, jessyz said:

                        So are we still not eating so much and drinking water?
                        I hate those texts.

                        • At 2009.08.21 15:48, Ali said:

                          hahahahaha loved the PIG OUT part.

                          I wrote what to do in ramadan, LOL, Check it out.

                          • At 2009.08.21 18:09, Forest said:

                            Ha ha, That is hilarious!

                            I just moved to Cairo and am loving the city and cannot wait to see the Ramadan festivities.

                            • At 2009.08.30 12:28, jessyz said:

                              What do u think of Ramadan in Cairo so far?

                              • At 2009.08.21 19:39, KJ said:

                                I HATE CORNY TEXTS!

                                Ramadan Mubarak 😀

                                • At 2009.08.30 12:29, jessyz said:

                                  What is the proper reply to Ramadan Mubarak? I always get confused.

                                  • At 2009.08.21 20:00, maroo said:

                                    ramadan mubarak :)
                                    w sara7a 2 thumbs up lkol hl notes :)
                                    tkbbal ALLA 6a3atek salafan :)
                                    dont 4 get the tarawee7 guys

                                    • At 2009.08.30 12:30, jessyz said:

                                      Thanx maroo, and great reminding everyone for tarawee7 too.

                                      • At 2009.08.22 06:47, Hicham said:

                                        One of the “attitudes” that I don’t like in Ramadan is the “Super Meals” that Arab Muslims keep on perparing in Ramadan!. Ramadan Kareem, Jessyz 😀

                                        • At 2009.08.30 12:30, jessyz said:

                                          Heheheh e7na nas kareema wen7eb el sofra tekoon kebeera.

                                          • At 2009.08.23 10:46, inas said:

                                            you r really someone to me i really love every thing you write

                                            • At 2009.08.30 12:32, jessyz said:

                                              U too, and I love that you love what I write

                                              • At 2009.08.26 15:28, Amira AK said:

                                                hey there.. cool post.. haven’t heard from you since that bunny post.. seems like we jumped from easter to ramadan all in one go!
                                                Koll sana wenti w kollena tayebeen…
                                                does ‘koll sana wentom tayebeen, Ramadan Karim’ count like a corny sms? i have over 600 phone contacts, well, let’s say i send to a hundred for example, if i called that amount of people in two or three days, I’d be going mad. totally mad. have pity.
                                                i hate corny texts, but i love the sms technology!

                                                • At 2009.08.30 12:43, jessyz said:

                                                  hehehe not so corny, but I am sure your friends would love to hear ur voice.

                                                  Wenti tayeba.

                                                  Yes I can jump from one season to another :-)

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                                                    • At 2009.08.29 14:27, RJAY said:

                                                      i think we should also not gossip , not yell at anyone or lose our tempers

                                                      • At 2009.08.30 12:46, jessyz said:

                                                        Heheh I have no one to gossip with in Ramadan :-)
                                                        and my temper is too tired to get lost

                                                        • At 2011.07.31 08:23, Anonymous said:

                                                          The tips you gave are awful! The pig out thing is right but then why say that if you need to pig out leave room for dessert? Our Prophet said it was Ghunna to do such things. Take Ramadan seriously people and respect it without making jokes about it.

                                                          • At 2011.08.01 21:20, jessyz said:

                                                            I am not sure why you think they’re all awful. :-) Religion is yosr not 3osr and a little humor makes it all easier. You can try following this years 30 day Ramadan challenge if you like