Dahab, almaz, morgan, ya2oot, A7medak Ya Rab

I got tagged to do the blessings tag by IBHOG

The rules:

  • The point is to say a heartfelt ‘Thank God’. So, you’ll have to choose power blessings, ones that really really are endowments, that you couldn’t possibly feel deeper gratitude towards God for. Ones that you feel grateful for, everyday.
  • After each blessing, you’ll have to choose one word to describe your state. Examples: “Happy”, “Excited”, “Thankful”, “Humble”. Or, you have to choose any word that comes to your mind after it anyway – one that’ll summarize it all.
  • The ones you’d choose are preferred to be special to you, for instance, we all know that ‘Eye Sight’ is an immense blessing, and of course we can list it, but preferably if it has a special meaning to us.
  • The number of your blessings should be between 5 and 10.
  • After finishing your list, you should write the word: “El7amodellah” in bold, and say it out loud.
  • You should tag as many friends as you can – even the ones who don’t blog, inform them that they must comment.
  • After that, well, all you do is to be happy and to have ‘Reda’ :)

My Introduction:(3ashan men el 2a5er keda leya mazag adeef, mate7medo rabena ba2a)

  • My sister and I were once feeling bad so we started a series of “Think Happy Thoughts” emails where we would email each other back and forth all of the wonderful things in life.
  • A friend of my mother taught me this du3a2 to say right after getting up from ruku3 “ربنا لك الحمد ملء السماوات وملء الأرض وملء ما شئت من شيء بعد”.  She said something about the fact that we would never be able to actually thank Allah enough for all of our blessings.
  • I also find it very relaxing at night when you are in bed to say your tasabee7 and say Al7amdulla for as many times as you can, every time thinking of something that you are really thankful for.  It is very humbling.  You have to try it.
  • Think of things that you actually don’t like in your life and find ways to see them as blessings.
  • I couldn’t help myself and just had to use the title :-D.  Al 7amdulla for your sense of humor (I hope).
  • Do you know what the difference is between “Al 7amd” and “El Shokr“.  This is a beautiful explanation, it is in Arabic and a little on the long side but it is worth the time.

My List:

  1. My family.  I am grateful for all of them, they are supportive, loving and caring.  I feel BLESSED.
  2. Being in Kuwait.  At first it was very difficult.  I thought I would never get used to it.  Now, I know better.  It has been a blessing in disguise.  I feel HUMBLED because it turned out to be a good thing even though I thought it was a tough thing at first.
  3. Health.  Seriously,  I am not just saying this.  I know that health is a precious thing.  I feel GLAD that I am healthy.
  4. Not Working.  I never thought I would choose to stay at home while my baby was little.  I thought I would go back to work right away.  Even though some days I really do miss being part of the workforce, I know that I am doing a more important job like blowing bubbles, chasing rubber ducks and teaching my daughter how to wear her socks on her hands.  I feel HAPPY.
  5. Patience.  Learning to be more patient has been was the best gifts I have gotten in this life.  The ability to calm down and  become mellower has definitely helped in all areas of my life.  I feel RELAXED.

I don’t know who else to tag because IBHOG tagged everyone but if you haven’t been tagged please join us.  Tell the world why you are grateful, thankful and blessed.  It is a healthy thing to do.

الحمد الله

Bas just in case, eb2o 2oolo masha2allah ya3ni 3ashan el wa7ed maba2ash 3aref yela2eeha menein wala menein men 3eeneen el 7ossad el 3ozal ele yendab feeha 3ood.


  • At 2009.09.07 19:58, ibhog said:

    the best title EVER! :)

    • At 2009.09.08 12:26, jessyz said:

      Thank you, I am flattered.

      • At 2009.09.07 22:30, Juka said:

        LOL! Yeah, I love the title and the additions! Rabbena yedeem gammee3 ne3ammoh we Rabbena yekhalleellek Lulu :)

        • At 2009.09.08 12:26, jessyz said:

          Ya rab Ameen!