Friday’s Five: Things I’d Like to Teach

I don’t know how to do these things, but I’d love to learn and teach them too.

  1. Balloon animal making.
  2. Bonsai Growing School.
  3. Pastry making
  4. Calligraphy
  5. Puppet making


  • At 2009.09.19 00:13, ze2red said:

    i’d love to learn the first one too :)

    • At 2009.09.26 13:54, jessyz said:

      Let’s find ourselves a tutor or some youTube videos.

      • At 2009.09.26 14:47, ze2red said:

        I’m in. just give me a few days, i’m not in CAI at the moment. believe me i’ll do it as long as u are in with me 😀

        sa7eee7, where is your ” I love you” campaign post??
        Ibhog and myself did ours, if you don’t know about it, check our blogs and join us the love fever.

        • At 2009.09.27 20:50, jessyz said:

          Hehehe I am not in Cairo either but let’s check out YouTube.
          I’ve seen the posts just still thinking what to write.