Friday’s Five: Useful Apps for your Phone

I absolutely love adding and removing software on my phone.  Discovering little gems that can make my life easier or just more fun.

  1. Nimbuzz.  Nimbuzz connects you to GTalk, MSN, Skype and lots of others.  Personally I mainly use it to make SkypeOut calls or talking to my sister using Google Talk or Nimbuzz itself.
  2. Snaptu.  Snaptu connects to Facebook and Twitter.  You can also use it to check out the weather, movies or access RSS feeds.  I love it as a Twitter client, but think that it’s Facebook client could be improved. You can’t comment yet or upload pictures.  If you just want to see other people’s status updates, access your inbox or update your own status then it is perfect.  You can also play Sudoku, browse your Picassa account and check your Google calendar.
  3. Wellness Diary.  I discovered this one yesterday by pure chance while browsing the Nokia Beta Labs.  You can store your weight, stress levels, daily exercise and some other stuff.  It is funny because I was thinking about how I would like to monitor my weight and find an easy way to keep track of it.
  4. Internet Radio.  This is probably one of my favorite and most used apps.  When I am cooking or tidying the house I love tuning into the radio.  We don’t own a radio at home and even though I can use my phone to access the local FM stations, I prefer using internet radio.
  5. Opera Mini. It’s a fast, lightweight and pretty cool browser.

Other things I do with my phone:

  1. Shopping list.  I have an excel file stored on my phone that has all of the things we buy and use regularly.  Each month I just go through that list, delete items or add items and save it as a new one.  Once I finish the shopping I just delete the file and keep the original template file.
  2. Add notes to myself.  Sometimes someone mentions an interesting book so I just add a note about it so I can check it out when  I get home.
  3. Keep my calendar updated.  I would totally forget my daughters vaccines if I didn’t add reminders right away.
  4. Positive reminders.  Whenever I feel blue, I set a reminder to “Stay Positive” or something along the lines and set it to go off once a day.
  5. Use GPS when I am lost.   I get lost a lot.  I just take a look at the map and can usually figure my way home.

As an afterthought, making calls is the least thing I do with my phone.


  • At 2009.09.05 17:57, ibhog said:

    Actually, when it comes to my phone, I only use it for music besides the regular. You’re very organized!

    Check my blog. You’ve been tagged in a game, I hope you share :)

    • At 2009.09.08 12:17, jessyz said:

      I use my ipod for music. I also use it for lots of other things. :-)

      Thanx for the tag too.

      • At 2009.09.06 10:51, inas said:

        typical yasmina

        • At 2009.09.08 12:22, jessyz said:

          Heheheh, mesh 3arfa leh 7asaha keda tarya2a

          • At 2009.09.16 11:48, Reema said:

            cough *nerd*!!!

            • At 2009.09.17 09:36, jessyz said:

              cough *airhead*!!