If Social Climbing Was An Olympic Sport; Egyptians Would Get Gold

I saw this quote a couple of days ago somewhere.  At first I thought it was funny, then I thought it were true then decided that I could not decide what I really thought.  It is true that many Egyptians are social climbers.

A social climber is someone who seeks social prominence, for example by obsequious behavior. The term is sometimes used as synonymous parvenu, one who has suddenly risen to a higher economic status but has not gained social acceptance of others in that class. “Social climber” may be used as an insult, suggesting a poor work ethic or disloyalty to roots. [from Wikipedia].

I like the word parvenu it looks and sounds smart and sophisticated.

I’ve met lots of social climbers (Egyptians) in my lifetime so I could say yes.  I wouldn’t be able to judge if this were an Egyptian thing or a more global thing.  Basically because you can only judge a persons socioeconomic status if you understand how things work in that country.  Lots of things go into the equation like how they walk, dress, use their hands, their posture, their language, pronunciation, level of education, culture, intellect and lots of other things.  In my point of view social climbers are the people who use their money to try to appear to come from a higher social status than they already do.

I don’t beleive that you are stuck with your socioeconomic status, quite the contrary I think it is a variable status and you can change it with hard work and some luck.  I also believe that it takes more than one generation to make the jump.  I feel very proud of people who can achieve this through education, hard work and self development.  What I dislike are the sleazy pretending wannabes.  Perhaps they are very obvious here in the gulf because if you have an education you can be well paid, and when you have the money you can buy the clothes, the car, the education for your children and the Asian maid.  Nevertheless you still can’t buy class.  On the other hand I have met many people who are not exactly well off but have lots of class and finesse.  Class is how you carry yourself and handle yourself in everyday life.

So even though a person might be a social climber that does not necessarily mean they will reach the summit.


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    • At 2009.09.14 13:41, inas said:

      i think it is not egyptian i think it is a human thing but it will be more prominent when sociaty puts a lot of weight on socioeconomic status rather than people accomplicement so i think it will it should be popular in egypt.

      • At 2009.09.17 09:39, jessyz said:

        Of course it is a human thing, but it is more pronounced in Egypt because of what you said too.

        • At 2009.09.14 17:59, ze2red said:

          I too think it’s not only an Egyptian thing. It’s a world wide thing, no matter what language people speak or the culture they belong to, it’s something in the nature of human beings, they want to be like a classy person when they have the money to do so. What they don’t know is it’s so obvious who is pretending and who is a real classy person. And it’s not always about the way u speak, how u use English and fresh words in ur sentences, or how u dress. It all lies beneath how you are being a good well mannered human being. anything can be gained after that.

          • At 2009.09.16 02:16, KJ said:

            The same thing can be said to other ass kissers of many other nationalities. I believe it’s a human thing, but it may seem more prevalent in a culture/country than another simply because the population is greater and you come across them more often

            • At 2009.09.16 11:24, Reema said:

              over and above it’s more pronounced in egypt because we tend to be class-category snobs

              and we put alot of weight on the class you come from

              not just that due to the huge discrepencies in classes where money and social exposure are concerned

              classes have a really hard time mixing together

              i’m still sticking t my guns on this i prefer people who are of similar background to my own whether educationa, upbringing or religous views to be my close friends because thats how it goes

              but aquaintances i’ll make friends with anyone anywhere u do ur thing and i do mine :-)