If you don’t know how to smile

  • Dont work in sales, no body likes a salesperson that doesn’t smile.
  • Don’t look at kids, they like being smiled at.
  • Don’t visit sick people, they need to be smiled at.
  • Don’t bother whitening your teeth, no one is going to see your teeth anyway.
  • Don’t take pictures, why torture the picture viewers.


  • At 2009.09.16 14:36, loolt said:

    lol!! well said :)

    • At 2009.09.16 15:07, Reem said:

      Liked it alot ,Thanx :)

      • At 2009.09.16 16:56, Freez said:

        I’m a kind of shy to smile person and i find this guide useful. Hehe nice one.

        • At 2009.09.16 18:42, Mariam said:

          lol :) :) :)

          • At 2009.09.16 19:18, sarah said:

            looool….seems that i have lots to do 😉

            • At 2009.09.16 22:58, ibhog said:

              Don’t go to weddings.
              Don’t propose.

              And most important of all:

              Don’t fake smiles, it’ll just be insincere, awkward and ditsy.

              • At 2009.09.17 13:44, inas said:

                dont look at your face in the miror you will be scared or on a second thought look in the miror you deserve it

                • At 2009.09.26 13:53, jessyz said:

                  Yes they deserve to see their unsmiling faces

                  • At 2009.09.17 22:47, Amira AK said:

                    Allah! Helwa :)

                    • At 2009.09.26 13:53, jessyz said:

                      Ahlan beeki. 😀