The New Jessyz-Webster Dictionary

I’ve decided to come up with my new slang Egyptian Arabic dictionary.

Ta7aleb: something that turned out to be unexpectedly good. Origin: sushi is seaweed and tatstes better than you would expect seaweed to taste.

3ads: kalam faty. Origin: ele maye3rafsh ye2ool 3ads

Wa7ed Seeni (bel sad): ya3ni wa7ed kan under we ba2a over

Any additions?


  • At 2009.09.13 03:31, Hicham said:

    Ya Macha’allah .. Ya Macha’allah ya Jessyz 😀 Da el-3elmo nooooron ya wlad and wana mesh wakhed baly! Here’s an addition:

    Gamed Tenneen: gamed geddan like a tenneen (draggon). Source: unknown it’s an exclusive for Egyptians

    • At 2009.09.13 17:10, jessyz said:

      Hehehe but my words were invented by me :-)
      Too much free time is a bad thing.