An Angle On Cairo

RJay went to Cairo Tower had fun and took some pretty interesting pictures.  I on the other hand,  steal her pictures and make desktop wallpaper.

The quote says:  All that a city will ever allow you is an angle on it — an oblique, indirect sample of what it contains, or what passes through it; a point of view.

An Angle On Cairo - Click on the image for the full size version

An Angle On Cairo - Click on the image for the full size version


Page 48 from the book

Page 48 from the book

Someone shared a link to an ebook called Archewallogy by Tarek Chemally. Being a book lover and someone who just can’t pass the idea of Free and Book together in the same sentence I downloaded it. And offffffffff offff offfff I loved it! It is a collection of photographs of walls all over Beirut. Alot of these images are of things that no longer exist. Chemaly then collaborated with Ashekman a group of graffiti artists/rappers and came up with both a video called “El hitan am tehkini” (The walls are talking to me) and the book. I loved the video clip too, it’s like an urban/retro mix that is interesting with even more interesting lyrics. This would make a really interesting coffee table book.

Hello Kitty, Sisters and Coincidences

My daughter is totally obsessed with Hello Kitty.  When I was younger I had a very similar obsession, I still love anything with Hello Kitty, but my favorite item used to be a pencil topper.  It got lost years ago and I still miss it sometimes.

I was looking for some Hello Kitty videos for Lulu and found this and it reminded me of what my sister wrote all about our imagination games a while back.

Bad Internet Day

bad_hair_day-12455Just like a bad hair day when you wake up and your hair just won’t do what you want it to do, I had a bad internet day, only a hat didn’t really fix the situation.
First my gmail password wouldn’t work in the morning. *Gasp* I had a mini panic attack, because everything is on that account. My alternative email was a Yahoo one that I had shut down a couple of months ago and totally forgot to change the security settings in gmail. I tried logging into Yahoo and realized that I had forgotten the password to that one too, but at least it was still functional, the alternative email to it was my gmail one. Call about a cyclic error! Fortunately my Yahoo account also points to my husband’s email and I woke him up and I think he said something about work, email, computer but I didn’t really get it. To make a long story short, I finally managed to reset my password (7amdullah). Then I decided to log onto my blog to write something (which I have totally forgotten now) and Bam! my database has gone *poof*.  I am serious!  After a couple of calls to my hosting people’s support I finally managed to get a backup restored but it was dated the 19th.  My last two posts were gone and all of the comments made after the 19th.  Thankfully, my good friend Lasto*Adri told me to get them off Google Reader.  I found them, but unfortunately the comments are beyond retrieval.  So if you left a comment and it has magically disappeared, I am sorry.  I made a backup and I am reminding all of you, please back up your systems, blogs, phone contacts, whatever it is that you would cry if you lost because crying over spilled milk is plain silly unless it was chocolate milk and it was spilled all over your cream colored carpets.


Friday’s Five: Proverbial Sayings

1. Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.
2. God gave us two ears and one mouth so we can listen twice as much as we talk.
3. Nothing has value but that which you grant it.
4. Some people wish to get what they deserve, while others fear the same.
5. You cannot tell which way the train went by looking at the track.

Bonus saying:

You can’t strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.

مصر يا امه يا بهيه

يسبق كلامنا سلامنا
يطوف ع السامعين معنا
عصفور محندق يزقزق
كلام موزون و له معنى
عن أرض سمره و قمره و ضفه و نهر و مراكب
و رفاق مسيره عسيره و صورة حشد
و مواكب ف عيون صبيه بهيه عليها الكلمه و المعنى
مصر يامه يا بهيه
يا ام طرحه و جلابيه
الزمن شاب وانتي شابه
هو رايح و انتي جايه
جايه فوق الصعب ماشيه
فات عليكي ليل و ميه
و احتمالك هو ّ هو ّ
و ابتسامتك هيّ هيّ
تضحكي للصبح يصبح
بعد ليله و مغربيه
تطلع الشمس تلاقيكي
معجبانيه و صبيه يا بهيه
الليل جزاير جزاير
يمد البحر يفنيها
و الفجر شعله ح تعلا
و عمر الموج ما يطويها
و الشط باين مداين
عليها الشمس طوافه
إيدك في إيدنا ساعدنا
دي مهمة الموجه تتعافى
بالعزم ساعه جماعه
و بالإصرار نخطيها
مصر يامه يا سفينه
مهما كان البحر عاتي
فلاحينك ملاحينك
يزعقوا للريح يواتى
اللي ع الدفه صنايعي
و اللي ع المجداف زناتي
و اللي فوق الصاري كاشف
كل ماضي و كل آتي
عقدتين و التالته تابته
تركبي الموجه العفيه
توصلي بر السلامه
معجبانه و صبيه ..
يا بهيه و يعود كلامنا بسلامنا
يطوف ع الصحبه حلواني
عصفور محني يغني
على الافراح ومن تاني
يرمي الغناوي تقاوي
تبوس الارض تتحنى
تفرح و تطرح و تسرح
و ترجع تاني تتغنى
اللي بنى مصر
كان في الأصل حلواني!

Where the hell are the Egyptians?

They’re dancing all around the world.

This is awesome and crazy at the same time.

Would you dance for your country and raise your flag and feel happy and proud?

I Still Think My Winners of The Nobel Peace Prize Are More Deserving

Back in April I imagined my own Nobel Peace prize winners, I still think they are better.

Last To The Finish Line

Finish Line

Finish Line

I went to Breastcare Kuwait’s first walkathon this morning and took Lulu along. This wasn’t her first one but technically the first one she could actually walk in. And boy did that kid insist on walking. It was only about one km, roughly the length of the Avenues, but we were the last people to get to the finish line. She stopped to say Hi and Bye to anything that resembled a plant, looked at all the displays, stopped for her chocolate milk a couple of times and tried to ride the escalators but being the mean mom that I am, I stopped her. She’s a funny baby or her attention span is 1 minute and she got sidetracked from the walking a couple of times.
But it doesn’t matter, she came, she walked and she conquered. We both did. Sometimes in life we walk so fast to get to that finish line, trying really hard to be number one that we forget to stop and smell the roses (or say bye to plants). We feel that we must get there in the set route and as fast as we can. The reason I mainly went was because I really think raising awareness for breast cancer is really important and also wanted to get out of my shell and make new friends. I think I failed at both this time, but I succeeded in giving one little person an enjoyable experience. Perhaps when she is older she will walk with me and understand why I did what I did, and that sometimes you walk because you are trying to find your own finish line in your own personal obstacle course, building it and deciding on your own route along the way.

Friday’s Five: Sticking to a Budget

In response to Ibhog’s urjunt (urgent) request, here is my five step plan to saving and budgeting.

Step 1:  Monitor your spending for a month or two; write everything you spend and keep receipt.  At the end of the month you can basically figure out where your money is going.  Walk around with a notebook if you have to, or just keep a list on your phone.

Step 2:  Decide on what are essentials for you and what are the things you can live without.  Transportation money for example is usually a must, but your daily sandwich at The Bakery doesn’t have to be.  Once you have decided on the essentials divide them into categories like transportation, groceries, going out/fun, clothes, etc.  Run to the nearest bookstore and buy yourself some envelopes.  Mark each envelope with the category and allocated budget for it.  After monitoring your spending you should be able to come up with how much you spend in each category and decide where you want and can cut back. If you don’t want to use envelopes use a spreadsheet or a notebook (useful if you don’t want to withdraw your salary from the bank). Now fill up those envelopes.

Step 3: At the end of the month check out the envelopes, see where you spent more and where you spent less. Revise your budget and start again.

Step 4: Get rid of any credit cards you might have. Credit cards are a trap.

Step 5: Keep any money that you have managed to save out of reach. Buy gold coins, save it with your mom or open a savings account without getting an ATM card for it (standing in a queue in a bank should discourage you from spending).

Bonus tip: Learn how to cook. It is healthier and cheaper than eating out, it can also be lots of fun.