Page 48 from the book

Page 48 from the book

Someone shared a link to an ebook called Archewallogy by Tarek Chemally. Being a book lover and someone who just can’t pass the idea of Free and Book together in the same sentence I downloaded it. And offffffffff offff offfff I loved it! It is a collection of photographs of walls all over Beirut. Alot of these images are of things that no longer exist. Chemaly then collaborated with Ashekman a group of graffiti artists/rappers and came up with both a video called “El hitan am tehkini” (The walls are talking to me) and the book. I loved the video clip too, it’s like an urban/retro mix that is interesting with even more interesting lyrics. This would make a really interesting coffee table book.


  • At 2009.10.27 23:58, Hicham said:

    Jessyz, I liked it although I am not into this style of music. It remind me -as style- with “Madraset El-Haya”, do you know it? []

    • At 2009.10.28 00:04, Hicham said:

      this version is more synchronized than the one I posted up []

      • At 2009.11.01 16:21, jessyz said:

        I liked the song!