Bad Internet Day

bad_hair_day-12455Just like a bad hair day when you wake up and your hair just won’t do what you want it to do, I had a bad internet day, only a hat didn’t really fix the situation.
First my gmail password wouldn’t work in the morning. *Gasp* I had a mini panic attack, because everything is on that account. My alternative email was a Yahoo one that I had shut down a couple of months ago and totally forgot to change the security settings in gmail. I tried logging into Yahoo and realized that I had forgotten the password to that one too, but at least it was still functional, the alternative email to it was my gmail one. Call about a cyclic error! Fortunately my Yahoo account also points to my husband’s email and I woke him up and I think he said something about work, email, computer but I didn’t really get it. To make a long story short, I finally managed to reset my password (7amdullah). Then I decided to log onto my blog to write something (which I have totally forgotten now) and Bam! my database has gone *poof*.  I am serious!  After a couple of calls to my hosting people’s support I finally managed to get a backup restored but it was dated the 19th.  My last two posts were gone and all of the comments made after the 19th.  Thankfully, my good friend Lasto*Adri told me to get them off Google Reader.  I found them, but unfortunately the comments are beyond retrieval.  So if you left a comment and it has magically disappeared, I am sorry.  I made a backup and I am reminding all of you, please back up your systems, blogs, phone contacts, whatever it is that you would cry if you lost because crying over spilled milk is plain silly unless it was chocolate milk and it was spilled all over your cream colored carpets.



  • At 2009.10.24 22:41, Shimaa Gamal said:

    Oh my God! tayeb eh bawaz el gmail pass aslan?!
    This is a nightmare …

    • At 2009.10.25 09:22, jessyz said:

      I have no idea, but I think my whole system was compromised in some way. Bas el 7amdulla Rabena satar

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        • At 2009.10.24 23:06, ze2red said:

          OUCHHHHH, that’s terrible.

          glad you are back safe and sound 😉
          you just reminded me of backups i should make, hope i do it soon before i forget 😀

          • At 2009.10.25 09:22, jessyz said:

            Please do, right now!

            • At 2009.10.25 11:38, ze2red said:

              i will 7ader.

              sa7ee7, there is a game ibhog started, and it’s my turn in it, drop by at my blog, i’ll wait for your comment.

              • At 2009.10.25 00:19, Amira AK said:

                mm.. excuse my ignorance.. how can a post that’s been posted online be erased? isn’t it saved somewhere in cyberspace?
                don’t they say keep everything online and keep in google documents, because if anything happens to your computer it’ll be out there online and you can magically retrieve it 3adi khales?
                or did the whole account crash?
                and how can your password just suddenly not function?
                or am i missing something?

                • At 2009.10.25 09:24, jessyz said:

                  I’ll explain. All of your posts, comments and everything on your blog are saved as records in a database. If this database itself becomes corrupt or is deleted everything disappears. Because this is a self hosted blog and not hosted by I have to handle these things. Whereas wordpress hosted blogs are maintained by Still I would recommend that you backup your blog by using the export function in tools, just in case something happens.

                  • At 2009.10.25 17:05, Amira AK said:

                    Ah! Thank you :)