Friday’s Five: Things I Learned This Week

chicken_runEveryday you learn new things, this week was no different but I just thought I might share.

  1. Persistence without pressure is the key to success.  This was from Taming the Toddler and amazing and insightful book about dealing with toddlers.
  2. Toddlers are fueled by curiosity.  To them everything is new and exciting which is why they have lots of energy to explore the world.  If we looked at everything through their eyes, we would not need caffeine.
  3. There are people in the world who deal with the untouchables, who give without thinking or expecting anything in reward.  They are happy when they help other people.  They are the ones who help the world to keep going round.  The cynics are the people who help these people every once in a while by reminding them that there is always a bad side to people even though they can’t see it all the time.  We need both types of people.
  4. Bananas leave terrible stains.
  5. It took the animators of Chicken Run 5 years to complete the movie.  That’s an awful lot of work for a movie that you watch in 84 minutes.

What have you learned this week?  I’d love to know five things you learned this week.


  • At 2009.10.03 00:25, Shimaa Gamal said:

    Well, I learned many things this week.
    1- Don’t fight odam 7ad if you don’t want that 7ad to interfere fi el khena2a. It is illogic to start a fight and then ask people enhom mayt7shroosh.

    2- Egyptian proverbs are almost never wrong. So whenever you are in a sitiuation try remembering the proverb that fits and do as the proverb say.
    The proverb for this week was “rabby ya khayba lel 3’ayba”

    3- Priorities, life is all about how you will prioritize things and people. It is kind of healthy to check the list every now and then and try to detach from those who are so important to you because maybe you are not as important as you thought you are.

    4- Being lonely is far better than having this reply “We just talked yesterday” – Don’t seek company. Loneliness never killed anyone, indifferece did.

    5- I am not that obsolete, it was the stupid Norton causing google search to change links to text :)

    • At 2009.10.08 09:25, jessyz said:

      Hahahah I agree on all of your 5 points.
      On point number 4 my mother once told me el shereek el 7’ara wala el we7da, but I actually prefer el we7da 3an el 7’ara anyday :-) and this contradicts with number 2.

      • At 2009.10.03 02:22, Cinderella said:

        1) be the bigger person ..and swallow ur ego .. ur future self evaluation will taste better

        2) be patient.. guys think differently than girls..

        3) always tell the people u live with (thank u and i love u) they need to hear it too.

        4) that even when u r 25 ..u still get zits.. so much for crossing the teen age.

        5) my brother Mahmoud is growing up :)

        • At 2009.10.08 09:27, jessyz said:

          Again I totally love your points too.
          Yes swallowing your ego is important if you want to grow.
          Be patient with everyone, everyone thinks differently.
          Thank you is a very simple statement that when said genuinely is magic.
          Zits are the bane of all women’s lives.
          Kudos to Mahmoud!

          • At 2009.12.22 13:27, Sameha said:

            Yasmine, i totally aggre wiz u and shaimaa concerning the Lonliness…else dont call keda it…u have to br yrself’s best friend…even when we get married or have kids…u will have to stick wiz them but for a part of yr life and day..keeping u free the rest of it..wht if you find it bad to sit with you :)…So its…Me , myslef and I :)

            • At 2009.12.24 09:38, jessyz said:

              You know, I enjoy my own company most of the time fe3lan than the company of people I don’t like. And you are so right, even with Ghalya I still like to have an hour of Me Time to wind down each day.