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Finish Line

Finish Line

I went to Breastcare Kuwait’s first walkathon this morning and took Lulu along. This wasn’t her first one but technically the first one she could actually walk in. And boy did that kid insist on walking. It was only about one km, roughly the length of the Avenues, but we were the last people to get to the finish line. She stopped to say Hi and Bye to anything that resembled a plant, looked at all the displays, stopped for her chocolate milk a couple of times and tried to ride the escalators but being the mean mom that I am, I stopped her. She’s a funny baby or her attention span is 1 minute and she got sidetracked from the walking a couple of times.
But it doesn’t matter, she came, she walked and she conquered. We both did. Sometimes in life we walk so fast to get to that finish line, trying really hard to be number one that we forget to stop and smell the roses (or say bye to plants). We feel that we must get there in the set route and as fast as we can. The reason I mainly went was because I really think raising awareness for breast cancer is really important and also wanted to get out of my shell and make new friends. I think I failed at both this time, but I succeeded in giving one little person an enjoyable experience. Perhaps when she is older she will walk with me and understand why I did what I did, and that sometimes you walk because you are trying to find your own finish line in your own personal obstacle course, building it and deciding on your own route along the way.


  • At 2009.10.11 00:33, Amira AK said:

    Lovely! I think it’s very important to engage children in such causes from a very early age even if they don’t quite understand what they’re doing, or even if they just take it to be a fun thing. The Cairo/Egypt walk – or race for the cure – is on saturday 24th october 2009. for more info, call: 35366066. there’s also a website: but i haven’t been able to log in.

    • At 2009.10.11 00:34, Amira AK said:

      oh, and i just wanted to say that the important thing is that you reached the finish line.. first or last is not really the point :))

      • At 2009.10.15 08:42, jessyz said:

        That was my point too, I also felt that the finish line should be a personal thing, not where everyone is going.

        I really think the Cairo Walk idea is great.