The Next Time …

… you meet one of those salespeople standing in the mall offering samples of perfume, stop, get sprayed, and enjoy it.  I usually say no and run away.  Usually because I am not a perfume kind of girl, I either use White Musk or Vanilla both by the Body Shop.  I have used the two for the last 10 years, yes I am that loyal (also known as boring).  I got a whiff of the new Gucci perfume today.  I am still not going to buy it, and I don’t think I’ll be changing anytime soon, but I did enjoy the rest of the morning smelling totally different and feeling totally refreshed.  The next time someone offers to spray with me with a totally different and new scent I am going to say yes, expecting to experience something totally new and enjoy it.


  • At 2009.11.03 01:20, ze2red said:

    I’ll keep your advice in my head the next time i’m out shopping :)

    btw, i’m a vanilla-body shop girl just like you 😉

    • At 2009.11.03 07:35, jessyz said:

      I love Vanilla, my daughter loves it too, she sees the bottle and grabs it and tries to put some behind her ears.

      • At 2009.11.03 23:23, ze2red said:

        Guess What!!
        today i entered the body shop store, and you came on my mind :)

        • At 2009.11.05 07:30, jessyz said:

          What did you get? Or do you just go in to smell all of the nice stuff?

          • At 2009.11.06 17:51, ze2red said:

            It was the newest branch in Dandy mall. So i went in to smell the nice stuff for sure, and see what’s new.

            2alby matwe3nesh to buy anything, because i spent almost 300 LE last month on stuff like that 😀

            • At 2009.11.07 15:56, jessyz said:

              Hehehe I can imagine! I still love going in and smelling everything anyways.

              • At 2009.11.03 16:45, kuwaittoddlermom said:

                I too just say no, when asked to try out a new perfume in a mall.Will keep you in mind and enjoy smelling different during the shopping trip :-)

                • At 2009.11.05 07:29, jessyz said:

                  I thought I was the only one who ran away from the perfume samples.

                  • At 2009.11.03 22:00, gjoez said:

                    La2 ana dayman ba7eb aggarab el 7agaat el gdeeda!

                    • At 2009.11.05 07:30, jessyz said:

                      Shatra, bravo 3aleki walahi!
                      Do you also try food samples?

                      • At 2009.11.06 17:52, ze2red said:

                        i try food samples, bas not all of them, 3ala 7asab el ingredients 😀 i’m kind of picky on new things when it comes to food.

                        • At 2009.11.07 15:56, jessyz said:

                          I am picky about food too.