Changing The Duvet Cover

Binder Clips on the Duvet Cover

Binder Clips on the Duvet Cover

Some things in life are easier when done by two people, like changing the duvet covers.  Unfortunately an extra person is not always available.  Actually an extra small person is usually available but not very useful in things like this.  The only thing she can do with a duvet cover is crawl into it an play hide and seek.  I decided to change the duvet cover because I had this crazy urge to wash the other cover.  I knew the drill.

Turn the duvet cover inside out, find the corners and then turn it right side out and pull it over the duvet.  I realized it would be so much easier using the huge binder clips my husband has.  I clipped three, one at each corner and one in the middle and then it became so much easier.  All I had to do was pull the duvet cover over the duvet without fear that it would get all clumpy inside.  Then you just need to spread it on the bed and straighten it out.  A few spritz of fabric freshener too on the sheets, pillows and the duvet and the bed is ready.  When I also have more time I usually give it a whizz with the steamer thingy.  I also add like a couple of drops of fabric softener to the water so that things smell extra fresh and nice.  It makes the sheets lovely.  I love fitted sheets, they are the smartest invention before the internet.  When I first got married I got regular flat sheets and I hated them, you have to pull them straight every 10 minutes if you want them to look good, fitted sheets are just perfect they stay where they are supposed to and look straight all the time.  I had my mom have some custom made for Lulu’s crib mattress too because little Lulu used to pull out the sheets and throw them out of the crib.  She also usually has a teddy in the bed with her and will throw him out as soon as I go get her when she’s awake in the morning signalling that since teddy is out of bed so should she.


  • At 2009.12.05 10:17, kinzi said:

    heh-heh, this post is JUST where I am living this week!

    Now that the kids are not in the bed-wetting stage, all have down duvets I got at rummage sales in Austria (yea, I did that there too). Now I have trouble with the kids getting the duvet all bunched up in one corner of the cover. You and I, mommy bed-makers, know to hold the duvet and cover corners firm when we shake them out, but kids (BOYS) no indeed.

    Then, some of the older duvets have suffered down migration. Yeesh. I have spent evenings fluffing the down back to the middle and hand-sewing a new seam a foot from the edges. Even our duvet needed new squaring off, so I gridded the whole thing. Even then, one son just can’t seem to stop duvet-bunching, so I sewed the cover to the duvet in the corners. Ya salam.

    I like the freshener idea. I take them out on the line every week for some fresh air. My Austrian neighbors hang them out the windows each morning, but my sills are too dirty for that (;D)

    Ah, the things mommy-bloggers do and consider when not on-line!

    • At 2009.12.05 11:40, jessyz said:

      hehehe my mom’s duvet has Velcro on the corners, you could try sewing that and on the covers as well. I can’t take them out because well, my sills are dirty too and the windows are tiny. Thankfully Lulu still doesn’t have a duvet yet, just a blanket which she pushes away anyway I just keep her in warm pjs to give myself peace of mind. Yeah mommy bloggers, and the things they do and think about 😀

      • At 2009.12.05 17:22, eshda3wa said:

        i wish u posted this about 5 years ago when i was changing my own duvet covers while in uni..

        i really dont miss those days!

        • At 2009.12.06 09:40, jessyz said:

          Hehehe where did you go to university?

          • At 2009.12.06 17:51, Jana said:


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            • At 2009.12.13 05:58, sameha said:

              m3lesh howa duvet da elly howa eh ? ana 7assa bel gahel :)

              • At 2009.12.26 22:35, Cheap Duvet Covers - The Blog Planet said:

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                • At 2010.01.22 07:46, Jon from King Duvet Set said:

                  Great tips which helped me greatly in changing my King Duvet Cover. I lik ethe velcro idea as well. Thanks.