Crochet Crazy: My new tote

Armed with my new crochet hooks and dark blue chunky yarn I set out to make a tote/purse/handbag and started looking for patterns I could actually follow.  I am a beginner and I wanted something easy.  After a bit of digging and googling I came accross futuregirl’s starling tote and fell in love with it.  You can even check out the awesome gallery on Flickr if you are interested.  I love how everyone came up with a totally different look for it.Which is why it was perfect, exactly what I had in mind and easy.  The pattern includes 3 sizes and is basically an empty canvas for your creativity.  And boy was I on a creativity kick.  This isn’t my first time making handbags, a couple of years back I used to make macrame bags and they were awesome.   My sister and I spent a summer making and selling them.  Macramé is much easier than crochet.  First macrame is basically just knotting so you don’t have a fear of unraveling your piece by mistake (happened to me twice while making this)  and macramé ropes are thicker and chunkier so the bag is done faster and is sturdier.  I should ask my sister to send me a picture because the very original prototype is still at my mom’s house.

I lined it with white fabric with red leaves and decided to add a red felt leaf outside.  Smart idea, bad execution.  My stitching needs to go visit a stitch doctor but who cares, I have a wonderful new bag that for a prototype is just great.

Crochet is so relaxing, really it is meditative.  Well, most of the time it is, there are other times like when I can’t get the instructions or when Lulu decides she wants to run away with my yarn (yes she has done that more than once).  After a while my fingers just start crocheting on their own and my mind wanders.  I sit doing row after row after my daughter has gone to sleep and just think about everything and nothing.  If I crochet enough I will have the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything else.  An answer which is not 42.

Now excuse me, I have to go make something else.


  • At 2009.12.30 21:26, mona said:

    So cute,Jessy! I’m gonna look into macrame since it seems less threatening.

    • At 2010.01.05 08:12, jessyz said:

      It really is so much more threatening. The only problem is that it is not as easy to find patterns for it as crochet or knitting. My grandmother had these books back from the 70s I think which I used.

      • At 2009.12.31 13:25, Sameha said:

        So cute dear :)…u wont believe this I just cut a pattern for a bag , I decided to put it in my prayer mat and cloth. I bought the material last sunday and completed the stuff monday.The one question is do I have to stitch with the sewing machine or I can use the ordinary stitch to line the inner part of the bag , mine will be with 2omash not crochet.
        By the way, I cant find felt here, the felt here is the one for the jackets,its not that thick :)

        • At 2010.01.05 08:14, jessyz said:

          Mabrook mokadam, I just hand stitch everything because I don’t have a sewing machine. If you do have a sewing machine it would be easier. 7anshoof emta el entag?

          • At 2010.01.02 22:48, Organica said:

            It’s so cute!

            • At 2010.01.05 08:16, jessyz said:

              Hehehehe thank you :-)

              • At 2010.01.28 10:15, chika said:

                emra2a 7aqeqeya! masha2 allah! It’s great that you know how to crochet! You husband must be happy knowing you could save alot on lotsa things ;p kidding :*

                • At 2010.01.28 12:13, jessyz said:

                  Hehehe you should see the new one, a7la bekteer

                  He’s not much of a saving kind of guy. He does want a knitted sweater though. :-)

                  • At 2010.09.14 22:32, meli said:

                    that tote looks so simple and cute, jessy! :)

                    and crochet is easier than it looks! if you can’t figure it out, have someone teach you the basic stitches and their names. then make big sample squares right away, so your fingers will learn! and try working from diagrams first instead of written instructions. when you finish something it will give you confidence!

                    • At 2010.09.15 00:55, jessyz said:

                      Thank you Meli, I am totally past that stage now, 😀 I can’t believe how my crochet has totally changed
                      You can check out the new blog here