Friday's Five: Things Every Wife Should Know

It’s not Friday but another Kolena Laila post.  Marriage is tricky business.  Even the most compatible couples have their issues but smart couples know how to deal with them.

You will fight

You probably fought before you got married right?  If you didn’t then consider yourself extremely lucky.  Your first fight as a married couple is usually freaky.  You are shocked and hurt not just because you had a fight but because you had a fight even after you went through all of the hassle of getting married.  Take a deep breath and get over yourself.  Disagreeing is normal.  We all fight with our siblings and parents and these are the people who have known you your whole life.  It is normal, just remember to stay civilized and learn when to compromise and let go.  Unless of course the fight includes abuse of any kind you should learn to let go and once you have made up forget about it.

Stop yourself from nagging

No body likes a nagging wife.  Nagging does not work.  The more you nag the better your husband will learn to resist.  If nagging worked, a wife would nag once and would never need to nag again (convinced right?).  Gretchen Ruben (The Happiness Project) has some really great 14 tips to stop nagging.

Appreciate the little things

Your husband throws his socks on the floor and it is really annoying.  But he also remembers to do little things your love, like call you in the middle of the day just to say hi or buys you flowers for no reason.  Whatever the little things are make sure that you appreciate and enjoy them.

Create habits

Whether it is a Wednesday movie night, Friday barbecue or Saturday bowling find an activity you both love to do and make it a habit.  Some people might argue that this is boring and routine.  I think it just adds some structure to an already hectic life.  It is also couple time when you can do something together as a team.  My husband and I make pizza every (well almost) Thursday.  I make the dough and he makes the sauce and adds the toppings.  I make fun of him because he’s really obsessed about slicing mushrooms as thin as possible and makes sure they are all the same thickness and he makes fun of me because I move around too much in the kitchen and get in his way all the time.  It was originally a healthier alternative to ordering pizza but it turned into a fun activity.  We have learned how to act like a team.  I learned not to interfere with his slicing skills and he has stopped nagging me to make the crust thinner.

Be true to yourself

There are many times when you will have to compromise or do something you don’t really want to but this can’t be a permanent thing.  You have to stay true to yourself or your marriage will not work.  Period.

There are so many other things wives should know but these are just the first five off the top of my head.

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  • At 2009.12.27 23:08, gjoez said:

    Ana ba7ebbek awy ya Jessyz Begad..
    This post is really really nice :-)
    Rabbena yekremek ya Rab!

    • At 2010.01.05 08:06, jessyz said:

      Wana kaman ba7ebek awi ya Gjoez. Rabena yekremek enti kaman.

      • At 2009.12.28 09:46, Sameha said:

        Masha Alllaah ya Yasmine :) To7fa…You will fight to7fa this was the same thing happened to me when I first had this fight but as u say its a matter of how good u are in “Letting go” :)
        I cant believe your husband is like mine when it comes to the pizza crust he does always nag abut this too :)
        Creating a habit together is also a great idea, we used to do this playing squash once a week it stopped but Iam sure we will resume it again :)
        Thanks for the great tips :) Take care untill yr next post and dont make it late plzzz 😉

        • At 2010.01.05 08:09, jessyz said:

          If you keep at it you will get better because practice makes perfect. My husband loves it thin and crispy. He also loves the pizza itself very spicy. When we make it for friends we usually make it half as spicy as we usually eat it and they still say it is too hot. :-)
          Get back to your squash thing. I really do beleive that every couple have to have a regular activity that they do together, it helps build teamwork, togetherness and lots of other things.

          • At 2009.12.28 16:17, Rula A. said:

            Amazing and true..Thank you :)

            • At 2010.01.05 08:11, jessyz said:

              You are welcome, hope they were useful.