What’s on your mind?

What is on your mind facebook

I think Facebook should come up with a different question than ‘What’s on your mind?’.  Even better I think it should change every day.  I had too much coffee and decided that these were smart questions for Egyptian users:

  • Eh el neez ya lazeez?
  • Sabba7 sabba7 ya 3am el 7ag.
  • Elle wa5ed 3a2lak?
  • Sar7an fe eh?
  • Enzel men 3ala wedani.
  • Zah2an? Tah2an? Medaye2? Yalla taha2 we zaha2 so7abak ma3ak.
  • Eh el a5bar ya shotar?
  • Eh el gedeed? Yalla 2ollena el mofeed.

And this is why children, you should not have too much caffeine.


  • At 2009.12.07 11:25, Rula A. said:

    :) Very nice I liked them

    • At 2009.12.07 12:29, KJ said:

      Thank God I am not a coffee addict (or a coffee drinker to begin with)

      • At 2009.12.07 12:56, ibhog said:

        I wonder what would be your input if facebook was to be translated into Egyptian 😀

        ya3ny the word ‘attach’ hateb2a eh? ‘elza2’ masalan? 😀 and of course ‘share’ will be ‘shayyar’ 😀

        we can organize a one day event, kollo yeshrab caffeine we no3od ne3mel el Egyptian interface, we’ll be very famous 😀

        • At 2009.12.08 11:49, هوندا said:

          loooooool i like Eh el neez ya lazeez?

          • At 2009.12.12 16:38, jessyz said:

            Yalla come up with other ones.

            • At 2009.12.09 17:16, ze2red said:

              @ jessyz: Love it Love it Love it.

              @ Ibhog: I’m in, but i’ll have chocolate instead, momken :$

              • At 2009.12.12 16:38, jessyz said:

                I think we can create a stylescript or something

                • At 2009.12.12 20:02, ze2red said:

                  3al fekra ba2a, we really need to start some activity for us, even if it’s over the virtual world we are living in. I’ll start the movie club i was talking about over my blog, amm neshof ba2a who is in?!!!!

                  • At 2009.12.13 08:44, jessyz said:

                    I am in I am in

                    • At 2009.12.19 02:04, ze2red said:

                      Jessy… guess what, the dream became real,
                      yalla bena, the club is waiting for you.


                      • At 2009.12.22 10:27, jessyz said:

                        heheheeh ana avwart movies, I saw 3 vampire movies yesterday and lots of movies last weekend.

                        • At 2009.12.22 13:41, ze2red said:

                          oppa, kol dah marra wa7da 😀