Dear Pampers People

Dear Pampers People,

Can you please make a pack of diapers that only has those cute monkeys on the front panel thingy, a pack with puppies only and a third pack with the kittens.

Thank You In Advance,

The mother of a toddler who likes to go through the whole pack so she can find the monkeys and the puppies.


  • At 2010.01.12 23:35, ibhog said:

    you know, when Lulu grows up isA and learns how to use the web, let her start a blog – I bet she’ll kick butt!

    rabena ye7fazhalek :)

    • At 2010.01.25 15:11, jessyz said:

      Hehehehe she already know how to use the DVD player so I am pretty certain that day is near :-)

      • At 2010.01.13 10:27, هوندا said:

        Big lol 😀

        • At 2010.01.25 15:11, jessyz said:

          mated7akeesh awi, bokra no2af gamb el 7eita we nesma3 el zeita

          • At 2010.01.13 10:33, Rula A. said:

            LoL realx..It is normal..My cousin’s kids do that too xD

            • At 2010.01.25 15:12, jessyz said:

              I am so relaxed about this I find it hilarious, besides she learned lots of animal names from it so I am pretty cool about it

              • At 2010.01.13 10:56, insomniac said:

                i was just thinking the same thing, but for my own benefit!! i like the monkeys and i keep telling mocha “monkey zayak ahoh”… alhamdulilah he’s past the phase where he went through the whole pack!

                • At 2010.01.25 15:13, jessyz said:

                  heheheh I am glad it is not only me, my favorite is the monkey holding the banana too and the one with a cat and the kitten