Mecano: Lessons Learned

I watched Mecano last weekend with my husband and loved it.  It was heart warming and moving or maybe I was in an emotional mood.

If you haven’t watched the movie and don’t want a spoiler than go check out another post and come back when you have seen it.  It really is a great movie worth watching.

In 2 minutes the movie is :

Khaled is a freelance architect who creates amazing work and also had a tumor removed from his brain and keeps losing his memory.  Waleed is his brother who helps him out.  Amira is a marketing guru and is marketing the project Khaled designs.  Amira meets Khaled, they fall in love, he tells her, her ex-husband wants her back, he finds out about Khaled, tells the owner of the company Waleed works for, gets them fired, Khaled loses his memory, Amira decides to stay.

To keep a secret, you must not tell anyone

Seriously, if you don’t want people to know stuff don’t tell anyone.  Just because you told your friend who promised she would not tell anyone does not necessarily mean she won’t.  Amira confided in her friend because she trusted her and her friend went and told Amira’s ex-husband about Khaled’s condition thinking she was doing the right thing.

People are fickle

You might be indispensable now but if people think you are a threat to their well being they will drop you like hot coal.  Even though Khaled’s designs were fantastic, the boss didn’t want to loose his credibility if the world found out about his condition so he fired Khaled and Waleed.

The trailer is not the movie

Just because you have seen a trailer doesn’t mean you have seen the movie.  The same goes for people, just because you have met someone once or twice does not really mean that you know them.

Blood is thicker than water

Waleed, Khaled’s brother chose to stand by him because that is what family does.  Be grateful for your family.

Even the toughest people need breaks

Waleed rode his bike every night to take a break from the stress.  We all need a hobby or some sort of interest that can take us away from the daily grind so we can keep going.

Sometime, you need to choose to make tea

Nearing the end of the movie, Khaled chose to be honest with Amira, Amira chose to stay with him and Waleed chose to make tea.  Sometimes you need to let people make their own decisions even if you disagree with them.  We can not control every aspect of life and we can not believe that we can tell people what the right thing for them is, everyone has to make that choice on their own and bear the consequences.

Random thoughts:

Nour and Tayem Hassan are non Egyptians playing the leading roles in an Egyptian movie.  It is nice to see this kind of collaboration in the movie industry.

It is cool to see ‘freelancer’ being used in a movie.

I thought the building blocks he used were generic Legos why does he call them Mecano?

Spicy popcorn is awesome.

Caramel popcorn is even more awesome.

A smart lady buys lots of pop corn just in case.


  • At 2010.01.19 16:42, Sameha said:

    Caramel popcorn is f3lan more awesome :) Havent watched the film but read the whole article, mosh byfr2 ma3aya to know wht will happen in the film coz i have never thought of watching it :).

    • At 2010.01.25 15:32, jessyz said:

      wala ana el sara7a bas lazem a7azar el nas.

      I love caramel popcorn <3

      • At 2010.01.19 21:04, هوندا said:

        بوست هايل بجد ، الفليم مريح جداً للأعصاب وتحسى فى هدوء فى الأحداث ، اكتر حاجة عجبتنى استخدام موضوع الفرى لانسر جديد فى عالم السينما بجد

        بس انا مش فاكرة موضوع الفشار ، واول مرة اعرف الفشار الى بالكرميل ده بتعمل ازاى

        • At 2010.01.25 15:33, jessyz said:

          Hehehehe ana bageebo gahez el sara7a you just put it in the microwave we keda.

          The pace of the movie was very nice not too fast but not slow either