Are you a beginning, middle or end kind of person?

I am a dreamer.  I dream of the things I want to do.  I imagine myself doing them just the way that I want.  But moving from that phase to the actual doing is always a difficult step.  I always feel that I need to think it thru, to make sure that I will do the right thing and not regret it, that I am sure that I can deal with all of the obstacles on the way.  Of course there are other times when I just jump right in and just do it.  It usually depends on how confident I feel that I can do that thing.  The thing that does not change is the fact that I am a dreamer.

I don’t mind the part in the middle, well not unless it is taking a REALLY long time, then I usually get bored and start wanting to move on to other things.

I love the ending, especially when it is a happy one.  I enjoy watching a project coming to completion, having seen it blossom from nothing into something good is always a good thing.  By then I am usually racing to the finish line, wanting to congratulate myself on the win and already dreaming of something new.

The reason I am talking about all of this was because I was thinking about why I don’t get to do all of the things I really want to do.  I realized that I am a slow starter and that even when it does appear that I have jumped right in I have usually given something lots of thought.

Is it something that can be changed?  I don’t think so, I sometimes have conversations in my head and keep telling myself not to think about it too much and if I don’t like what I am doing I can always go back and do something else.  But the thing is, I always feel the need to finish what I started.  For instance I find it really difficult not to finish a book, although now if I am reading a book that I don’t like I just put it down and start a new one because I don’t have time to waste on bad books.  When I was younger I would read a book even if I hated it from the very beginning to the very last page because I always thought it just might get better somewhere in the middle.  Now, I don’t.

Maybe it just needs practice.  Or maybe it is just something that changes with aging and maturing and understanding that it is ok to take a U turn when you need to or that it is ok if you don’t finish something or that finding what you really want to do takes the courage and patience to keep trying.   To be able to push yourself to start things you are not really interested in to find the things that you are.

What kind of person are you?  Have you changed?  Do you think you can change?


  • At 2010.02.12 10:42, Sameha said:

    Bonjour ya Yasmina, I really relate to everything u say.Mosatafa my brother told me that there are 3 kinds of attitudes in ppl . He said I was the person who can get along wiz things anf never regret but I do have a problem in the Yala part which is the first step initiation, this was very true for me. While for mum, she had the Yala,the ta3ayosh but have some issues in the regret part.
    So whenever i want to do something, I somehow try to remember this and say to myslef…just Yala and it will go smoothly isA. Iam the ” cant finish a book type” I always get books and read some pages and then go to other :)
    Kifaya keda..ana raghiet keteeer :) Talk to u later…r u commin masr soon ? Was thinking if want anyhting from the book fair, i can send u it or keep it untill u come :) Wht do u think abut the new Dr Galal Amin’s, if i go to the book siging will get u one wiz his signature 😉

    • At 2010.02.14 15:57, jessyz said:

      I always tell myself en el 7aga mesh 7atelza2 feya.

      To be honest I really would love to listen to Galal Amin in person at a lecture. :-) I have so many books that I haven’t read yet and I am trying not to buy any until I finish what I already have

      • At 2010.02.15 00:50, Amira AK said:

        Ah ya jessyz! have you been reading my thoughts? w ba3dein, mashaAllah… what is all this.. i leave you for a few days and find all these posts up!?
        I watched Invictus today. I watched it because of your previous post and as soon as i had finished and rushed back home, i came to write to you to tell you that i had watched it and to thank you for bringing my attention to it.. it got me thinking.. about a lot of things.. some of which are very much related to what you’re mentioning here. i don’t know what sort of person i am. i think it depends on the situation.. and i think it depends on me at the time, and i think it depends on the book (i’ve been trying to get through the last 70 pages of marquez’ living to tell the tale bil3afya for the past 3 months, but i really cannot stop there and leave it).
        but one thing is certain, we change, we always change, and we’ll continue to change as long as we live.. we’ll impulsively jump into things, and maybe never finish them, we’ll think and ponder and flip things over and over and exhaust them with our thoughts till we can think about them no further before embarking upon them and we’ll simply just stay there in the middle. stuck. not knowing what to do. until an outside force comes to get us out of the mess we’re in.
        it would be really great if we had a plan and knew beforehand how to handle things, but i don’t think it’s that easy. life is one big game and we learn to play it as we go along :)

        • At 2010.02.15 13:07, jessyz said:

          😀 I hope they are quality posts not just quantity. I sometimes get bouts of creativity and other times I have bloggers block.
          I looooved the movie. I was moved by Mandela’s thinking, I loved the acting, I loved the relationship between him and the people. The respect, understanding, forgiveness and tolerance. Let’s just say I was moved.

          I think we change, either because we have to or because time changes things. I always think that time is the worlds most powerful enemy or ally depending on where you stand.
          My ultimate goal would be to be become someone who would think well before going into something, then impulsively join in, have enough brains to realize if it was a wrong decision and enough courage to let it go and enough energy to keep going if it was a good idea and finish it off well.