Friday’s Five: Leader Biographies (courtesy of Mohamed my husband)

I asked my husband to pick five biographies for leaders he thought helped shape and change history and he gave me a list.  Of course he didn’t stop at five.  My husband is a very interesting young man and also very intelligent,  he is also somewhat of a  history.

Napolean Bonaparte

What I already know

He was short.

He was exiled in Saint Helena.

He was married to Josephine, divorced her and remarried a great niece of Marie Antoinette

Book Recommendation

Napolean’s Road to Glory


What I already know

He kicked the jews out of Germany

He was a racist

He was an incredible orator and could move the crowds

His mustache was ugly.

Book Recommendation

Mein Kempf

Hitler: A Biography

Fidel Castro

What I already know

He ruled Cuba for ages.

His buddy/comrade Che Guevara (Argentenian Doctor) helped him.

He handed the presidency over to his brother because of ill health.

Book Recommendation

Fidel Castro: My Life: A Spoken Autobiography

Anwar El Sadat

What I already know

He was a dictator

He smoked a pipe

He was married twice, his second wife was Gihan el Sadat.

He was kicked out of the army

He was part of the Free Officers movement but did not take part in the revolt itself, went to the movies instead.

He is very controversial.

Book Recommendation

In Search of Identity

Franklin Roosevelt

What I already know

He was in a wheelchair.

He gave the OK for the atomic bomb.

He was a president for four terms.

Book Recommendation

Autobiography of Theodore Roosevelt

Regardless of what I think of these men or whether I agree with their effect on history they were all notable men.  History must be read and understood for the future to be planned smartly.

Stay tuned next week for my own list of great people.

P.S.  It is sad that the list does not include any women.


  • At 2010.02.13 00:35, هوندا said:

    انا قرات كفاحى لهتلر بس الكتاب مش قد كده اعتقد ان اى كتاب تناول سيرته هيكون أفضل كتير

    جوزفين كانت محبوبة نابليون الأبدية وكان متدمر لما طلبت منه الطلاق حتى كانت بتخونه فى بيته وهو عارف وكان بيتحسر بس انها مبقتش بتحبه وبنت خالتها اتزوجها سلطان تركيا فى الوقت ده وكان ليها تأثير عليه فى تحسين العلاقات بين تركيا وفرنسا لأنها كانت من جوارى السلطان بعدين تزوجها السلطان لما جبتله الولد وكان حلمها تشوف أهلها فى فرنسا وبنت خالتها جوزفين وكانت صديقتها الأنتيم

    • At 2010.02.14 15:37, jessyz said:

      Interesting, I will be getting the books soon, I love reading biographies. I listed Mein Kempf because Hitler wrote it himself so it might be an insight into the guy’s head.

      • At 2010.02.15 00:39, Amira AK said:

        Ah! I was just about to mention the issue of women and then when you said stay tuned, i thought it was for the great women leaders..
        but of course there are many great women leaders… one has to look for them. they don’t have to be dictators to be leaders.
        most of those up there, if not all, are dictators actually coming to think of that.

        • At 2010.02.15 13:03, jessyz said:

          Heheheh my husband chose the list. I told him the same thing too, but I think he was more interested in their strategic thinking. He is a planner by profession so I am guessing that’s what would interest him.
          I am more of a pro-women pacifist so my list would be totally different.
          Why don’t you tell me who you would choose?

          • At 2010.05.13 14:47, آخر أيام الخريف said:

            Sadat became a dictator only in the last year of his regime .Yes,when he disliked what a journalist wrote he prevented him from writing which is absolutely wrong..but people did not suddenly disappear from their homes and then died in prisons out of torture as used to occur in the Nasserite era.